Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Fall delights

I have to say, the one thing that surprises me the most since starting my gardening career, is how long into fall things continue to bloom.

Oh you expect it from the Susans...
and the Sedum
But you never think of roses as being fall bloomers
But they are. Every year, they've bloomed right until the first frost

and sometimes a little beyond)
While the pink Dahlia never bloomed, the red one continues to show off. She looks especially spectacular after a rain.
The Milkweed didn't attract any Monarchs this year, but it did take over one side of the garden... and continues to bloom it's happy little blossoms.
The Butterfly Bush doesn't seem to really get going until late August, but she'll bloom right till the frost too.
The English Lavender has done exceptionally well. As soon as you walk out the back door, you can smell it.
The Foxglove was in pretty bad shape when I bought it, but it seems to be happy now
Both the Pink and White Delphiniums have proved to be prolific bloomers
And even the little Snap Dragons I bought as filler are still going full force
The Dianthans have enjoyed they new home out back, and haven't stopped blooming since June
Even Cupid's Dart
And the Echincea still have a few blooms left
And that darn Blanket Flower.... it's almost taken over the whole Little Bee garden!
An hour or two in my little yard, and it's hard to believe it's autumn at all!


Araignee said...

That is just amazing. Everything here is dried up and brown including the mums. I think it was just too hot and humid for anything this year. Even the pokeberries dried up before the fruits formed. The goldenrod however is in full bloom. Ah choo!

Anonymous said...

So many pretty colors!

You certainly have a way with plants.

Delighted Hands said...

I think many of the flowers, like us, are re-energized after the intense heat of summer!
Beautiful flowers-great color inspiration!

Vera said...

It all looks so pretty. We have goldenrod (like Araignee) and asters blooming...one or two roses...everything else is finished.

kathy b said...

You really have a great variety of blooms still going! The bees must just love your yard! Im so surprised the milkweed didnt get any butterfly action. That is what they are known for. I wonder if my zinnias that I planted for the new owners of our old house, are still going??