Thursday, October 20, 2016


As mentioned in a previous post, part of my garden chores was to get the indoor plants back into the house before the frost hit.

This really wouldn't be a big issue, except we are short on indoor space with enough light.... and I might have doubled the amount of house plants we had this year. Dave made more than enough snarky comments about the "jungle" last year... I was really worried about how the main floor was going to look after I got everything inside.

Luckily, I was able to sneak my plant stand in the space between the fish tank and Grandma's table.
And as you can see... Rocky is front and centre. His rose bush didn't do well, do I got him a nice Philodendron instead.
I think it suits his personality.

And look....
Mom was right about putting the Christmas Cactus outside to get it to bloom!
The Cronton appears to have enjoyed it's time outside too. I didn't know they bloomed! It's found a home on the floor in the kitchen beside the snake plant.

I recently got moved to an office with a window at work, so I took the few remaining orchids I had there....
... which left room on Grandma's table for the Stephanotis, Corn Plant, and a few clippings I have rooting.

The Passion Flower didn't bloom this summer

But it grew enough that I had to re-pot it. I reused the pot and trellis from the pear tomato I bought this summer. It should be able to live there for a good while before it outgrows it.

The big worry was the Hibiscus. You haven't seen much of it, because over the winter, it got a horrible white fly infestation.  I almost lost it, but it spent all summer recuperating and despite not blooming yet, it's doing really well.

However, over the summer, Sam's Mom gave me a 60-year old Jade tree. It spent the summer occupying the Hibiscus' winter spot at the back door. Both trees need the sun, and we're severly limited on spaces big enough with enough sun.
Thankfully I was able to squeeze them in together!

And Dave has barely made a peep about it all..... yet!


The Well Fed Wheel said...

Wow!! A 60 year old jade tree!!! Now that's impressive! You can't know how many jade trees I have tried and failed to grow. I just love them but they don't like me. :-(

kathy b said...

Wow I admire your cats good manners. Mine would be all over those plants, eating them vomiting them playing in the dirt!
60 year old jade....awesome

Delighted Hands said...

It's healthy to have plants in your living space so tell him you are just thinking about him!

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine a 60 year old jade. It must have one heck of a trunk by now.

We are figuring out what to take and what can't go to the new place. The bat plants, 4 orchids and the Christmas cactus are going. The hanging plants.....they didn't make the cut! :-(

Scaling down from a huge porch to a little balcony is tough. LOL

Good luck to your plants. Hope they have a good long spa day until they can go back outside next spring.

Araignee said...

I have the same problem every year. I take the plants out, their space gets filled up with junk and then when I bring them in I don't know where to put them. Even worse, I just brought mine in and now the house is full of spiders.