Monday, June 5, 2017

Battle like it's 1813

Late Saturday night, Dave and I were watching a movie, when we heard a bunch of successive pops outside. We don't live too far from a shooting range, and some days we can hear it pretty clearly. But, not only was it too late, it was far too rapid to be the range.

It sounded like fireworks, but Victoria Day was weeks ago. There's always a few idiots who love to set off a few in the backyard for days afterward - but this sounded much more like a professional show. There's too many buildings and trees around for us to see very far, so I turned to Google for the answer.

It was fireworks - an end-of-day celebration for the Battle of Stoney Creek re-enactment which takes place every June. It's something I've always wanted to go to, but always seem to forget about until it's too late. I figured this year was the same, but I kept reading the website, and there was one more re-enactment the next day at 2 pm.

Admission is usually $10, but in honour of Canada's 150th this year, it was free. The park is only 3km from my house... there really was no reason NOT to go.

Dave wasn't in the mood, Mom was too busy, and Dad wasn't feeling up to it, so yesterday, I hopped on the bus and went to check it out by myself.

The battle was part of the war of 1812. Here's the history
The event is more than just the re-enactment - there are camps for both sides (including a native encampment), children's activities, and a merchants area....
selling lots of period-like wares
They were also demonstrating their crafts
It's a good thing there was no ATM around...
Because that pretty light green hat would have come home with me. Alas, I only had enough cash on me for a bag of kettle corn
I wandered around, enjoying it all thoroughly until it was time for the re-enactment of the battle.
There was an MC who did an excellent job of narrating and sharing the history of the battle.
It's quite a thing to watch.
Those guns are so loud, and there was only a fraction of re-enactors compared to the number of soldiers there would have been in the real battle.
One can just imagine the chaos of the real battle. For a history nut like me, it was fascinating to watch. I'll definitely be going back next year!


Anonymous said...

I think I would have been all over that YARN!!!

The kettle corn looks pretty good too.

Araignee said...

On one of our trips up to Canada with the kids many years ago we stumbled upon such goings on at some fort. I can't remember when or where but it was really cool and the kids loved it. It was near a river and there were big boats out there too that you could take a ride on.

The Well Fed Wheel said...

We have quite a few re-enactments like that here in the Carolinas too. They are very interesting.

kathy b said...

Score~ So glad you made it this year. IN Glenview Ill they did a civil war reenact almost yearly at THE GROVE history center. It was loud. The most fun fo rme, was the medical tent. The reenactors always fought verbally as they lay on their stretchers in the tent. it was brutal to see the crude medical protocols back then. Fascinating too.

Delighted Hands said...

I'm so glad you went-even if it was alone! I love to see things like this and I have sewn for a couple who did this kind of reenactment so I would have loved to share the day with you!

Vera said...

My husband would've really enjoyed that. I would have liked it...but not as much as Fletch. BUT, with yarn and kettle corn I could have stayed a long, long time! Glad you had fun.

Cat Lover said...

Hi Valerie, what a wonderful event! So glad you were able to enjoy it. We hit a few museums this weekend that were open in honour of Canada's 150.
Take care.

Mo said...

Fort Niagara on the Niagara River is a possibility. They also do war reenactments.