Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Gee golly gardens

It's still a touch early, but I couldn't resist stopping by the garden centre on the weekend to get a few new things for the garden. I don't have much room (which I always say) so I couldn't go too crazy (which I always do), but I had a lot of fun regardless.

(That's not as much as it looks!)

As you know, I lost two rose bushes, so this one
And this one
Came home to replace them. As you may recall, white roses are my favourite. And that red and white one is just too cool. I look forward to watching them grow.
My purple bee balm grows and blooms like gangbusters, so I was keen to get another colour.
All my irises are doing really well so I am excited to add this cheery yellow one to the mix.
I couldn't resist trying again with the white Bleeding Heart. My pink one is just so gorgeous.
This plant is one I'd never heard of before, so I thought we should give it a whirl!
I had this one a couple years ago and it didn't make it, but my purple one is really going crazy, it gets a second chance. It's down in the front garden, and maybe that spot will be more ideal.
My grandma had Red Hot Pokers and I remember thinking they were so cool. They are also a favourite of pollinators, so that always gives them a space in my garden.
I was so pleased that my Oriental Wedding poppy survived, that I decided I needed a red one too! (I do really love poppies)
And I fell for the English Daisies... AGAIN! But I realized, I've always planted them in full sun - and they need part shade. So I gave them a better spot, and hopefully this year will be the year for them!
I also couldn't resist few more hens and chicks. These ones went down in the front edge of the front garden.

But we're not done yet!...
I couldn't come home without some snap dragons...
Or marigolds. These ones are just little fillers for here and there.
My front hanging pots don't get much sun, so I went with Ivy and Fuschia for them, though they need to fill in a bit.
My back hanging pot gets sun all day long, so it got trailing Petunia, and a big beautiful Dahlia.

Next weekend, I'll probably pop back over and get a few more annuals for a couple of my planters. Then I'll just sit back and watch it all bloom!


Anonymous said...


Fuschia is one of my favorites!

Araignee said...

All your new babies are going to be spectacular!!!

Delighted Hands said...

Oh, so exciting to see all the choices and colors! We are all going to enjoy your garden!
I was surprised by the English daisy-a new one to me!

Vera said...

You got some great ones!! That red and white rose is interesting and I love the Red hot Pokers (don't think I ever heard of them). I want to get one of those pots specifically for hens & chicks.

Tired Teacher said...

Your yard is going to be beautiful with all of these new plants.

The Well Fed Wheel said...

Nice selection! That Pink Mist Dwarf Pincussion is so neat looking. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

kathy b said...

Oh and I look forward to seeing them all bloom. I love your gardening posts. My clematis may start blooming any time now. The buds on my early variety that i thought was dead last year! are amazing. It just needed cooler weather I guess. I have 7 buds waiting to open now