Monday, February 16, 2009

All sewn up

Well, the fabric muse took hold of me today and while Dave was trying to figure out how to make the computer run faster, I spent most of the afternoon at my sewing machine. The result was this:
Three complete outfits (including a pair of bloomers!!!) from scratch... no patterns. I'm quite pleased with myself, and I'm now working on some knitted items.


Angelika said...

Too cute. You are quite the talented cabbage patch foster mom for this one.

Jeanne said...

Very cute!

Alisha said...

Great stuff. I haven't seen a cabbage patch in forever.

When my oldest was in the NICU they would put cabbage patch clothes on them to wear. I ended up making her a few little things. Poor girl...I didn't want her to be embarrassed having to wear cabbage patch cute. We have photos....good blackmail photos LOL