Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Got Beads....?

...I do! I do!

The bead order came yesterday! And I picked it up at the post office on the way to work this morning... it was really hard to concentrate on writing about car dealerships when I knew I had a box of beads in my car.... really hard...

So when 4 p.m. hit.. I raced home (well actually I left at 3:52.... but shhhh!) to dive into the box! It was a huge one this time. It took about an hour just to go through and make sure I received everything I ordered.

I wish I could show you everything I got, but I don't have hours to photograph it all and then upload it... and you probably don't have hours to sit and look at it all... but trust me it's pretty.

I can show you a couple of unique items I picked up:
This is a really neat way to make a pendant out of a gemstone donut (this one is Unakite) It's up on the Etsy site if you're interested.
I also picked up some ridiculously cute lady bug beads to make some stitch markers

The ones I got are just red (I couldn't be bothered to take my own picture so I snagged one from the internet). Normally I don't buy glass beads, but these were just so cute I couldn't resist... they make me giggle every time I look at them... and trust me, when you're giggling at home by yourself, you look pretty silly... even the cats think so.

I spent several hours tonight reorganizing the old beads and putting away the new ones. I discovered that I have a lot of beads that I'm not using and I'm probably not going to. So over the next week or so I am going to photograph them and open a second Etsy store. If you're interested in beading it will be a great place to pick up gemstone beads and other findings at really low prices. I'm not interested in making a huge profit off them - I just want to do a little destashing to make some space. There's sure to be some good deals.... I'll announce it here the minute it's open.

Well back to the studio!


Angelika said...

My son loved the dragon and the ladybugs are just too cute. I think I need to make some new markers for myself too. I'm getting tired of looking at the "old" ones.

Jeanne said...

Great beads - can't wait to see what you make with them.

LeenieBeenie said...

I love fantasy stuff like dragons, but it always seems to me that the jewelry they come up with is a little cheesy, but I love that dragon on that it is very whimsical and not dramatically overdone(like with glowing eyes or something) I love those lady bugs, very precious.