Monday, February 2, 2009

Under your skin

Here's the coloured picture:
I sent if off to her today, and I can't wait to see it in the flesh... literally.

This isn't the first tattoo I've designed. A friend of mine in college wanted the Cancer symbol, but didn't like anything in the tattoo parlour so she came to me. She just said she wanted the crab and some stars (stars are her favourite shape)

I don't have a picture of my original drawing, but it didn't have all the wicked shading that the tattoo artist added to it... he did an amazing job....

My friend did curse me for drawing all those stars that had to be outlined (apparently outlining is the most painful part) but she loved it anyway.

I love the fact that my art work is permanently plastered on someone's body and the fact that they like my art enough to do so... I don't think there is any greater compliment.


Samantha said...

You and I need to brainstorm for my tattoo. I want something cool, but mature, not too much colour, but not bland either, sort of tribal, but not all the way, with my kids birthdates, zodiacs or gemstones interperted somehow.

Rhonda said...

Way Cool!

Alisha said...

Beautiful drawings and I am sure an honor to have someone use your talent for a tattoo.

Jeanne said...

Love both of the tattoos - your drawings are gorgeous!