Sunday, February 8, 2009


Well despite the lack of blogness... I have been rather productive this week.

I got the baby hoodie done:
Of course once I got working on the hood, I decided I didn't want to make a hood and changed it to a collar. But I think it looks nice just the same - and it gives mom a second option to add to her pattern when she finally publishes it.
Since casting off the hoodie, I cast on for Purity once again. It's going much better this time, and in just the few short hours tonight while watching Passchendaele, I'm already half way done the centre.
I've also cast on for a baby blanket of my own design - but more on that later when I have something to show you (it's worked in the round and since I can't stretch it out right now it just looks like a great lump of stocknit stitch, a few K2togs, and some Kfbfs.)
I've also been beading. Since I cleaned up the room I've been able to get in there and work more. And since I have a gianormous bead order coming, I figured I'd better get some things organized. I decided to get some stock ready to go so that when the order arrives with my display cards, I can put them all on and get them out to the store straight away.
Of course when I'm beading, someone feels the need to come in and supervise.
Mostly he just gets in the way and spills beads all over the place... like any other manager eh?


Rhonda said...

Sweater looks great!

Samantha said...

The sweater looks fantastic!

Jenn said...

Nice job! :-)