Thursday, March 17, 2016


While I'm waiting for the first blooms in the garden, I've been amusing myself with browsing through bulb catalogs online.

You see, when I was a kid, I remember Mom getting bulb/seed catalogues a couple times a year. I used to spend hours flipping through them and building imaginary gardens in my head.  Then I grew up and forgot all about them - until last week.

At first, Mom couldn't remember the name of the company. Eventually she did, but it looks like they've either gone out of business, or at least don't have an online presence.  But while searching for them, I found a few others, and was right back to building imaginary gardens in my head.

If I had a bigger yard (and a lot more money), I could really go crazy. Instead, I decided to stick to unique things I wouldn't be able to find at the local nurseries. So come late April, the following should be showing up at my door.
A grab bag of mixed Lilies, which will include: Asiatic, Trumpet, Tiger and Oriental lilies. I probably could get most of these locally, but the price was good, and it's kinda fun not knowing what the mix will be!

 A mix of Toad Lilies. How cool looking are these guys?
"Shakers Prayer" Siberian Iris. Irises  are at the top of my "to-get" this year. This supplier was sold out of most of them - thankfully this beauty as still in stock. There's a somewhat local iris grower I plan on checking out later in the season, but for now this one will be a nice addition.
And lastly, Sea Holly.  I have never heard of it - but it sure looks cool. And apparently the butterflies love it.

It's going to be a fun summer!


Anonymous said...

Those toad lilies are really interesting. I've never even heard of those! Can't wait to see them in bloom in your garden.

RobinH said...

Gorgeous! I look forward to seeing them in your yard. Though if those Siberian irises are anything like mine, be sure you like where you're putting them. They tend to spread aggressively. As you might have guessed from their success in my flower-garden-cage-match-to-the-death.

kathy b said...

Im planting milkweed for sure for the butterflies. I love your TOAD choice!

Araignee said...

I used to love the catalogues too and used to order all the time until it seems I was ordering fancy food for the moles and the deers. I hate living in the woods this time of year when everything is blooming and we are not. I don't hate it when it is 100 degrees in August though.