Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Little start

Finishing the man socks didn't start my engines, but I'm pushing through trying to keep things running. I finally cast on for the second Sagittarius sock.
As mentioned in other posts, this pair was started way back last April (April 24th to be exact). The first one was finished by the middle of May. And then something happened. I just couldn't work up the ambition to cast on the second one. And I can't say why.

It's not the pattern - it's my own design and I love it.
It's not the yarn - it's our Alley Cat and I love it too.

But the months just ticked away... and the second half of the skein sat there untouched.

So enough is enough... after finishing the man sock, I sucked it up and cast on for the second sock.  I managed to finish the ribbing and one pattern repeat. But now it's been tucked away as my main travel project. Lets just hope I can remember to take the project bag with me!


Anonymous said...

It looks like a luscious yarn to knit. I love the stitch definition.

Araignee said...

Good for you! I still can't find my mojo. It must be the weather.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Nice! Looks like you're going to have all your gift knitting done early this year!

kathy b said...

oh that' s dark yarn! These old eyes with cataracts would surely mess up! Here' s to youth and your success!

Chrisknits b said...

I think that's why I stopped doing socks. I just can't face the 2nd sock. Now I just have to face 2nd sleeves!!!

RobinH said...

Ooh, the pattern does look beautiful in that yarn. As you know, I've made several pairs of socks in this pattern and love it a lot.