Monday, March 14, 2016

March madness

It's March Break here, so as is tradition, Mom's taken the week off, and the monsters have arrived. There will be lots of arts and crafts and adventures (I heard something about letting them loose in the studio again), and in fact, Jem and Rowan already got started
"'Cuse me... Miss Rowan... d'you need this?"
"I don't think you really need it..."
"Yeah... you don't need it..."
"I think I'll just take it...."
"It's MINE! Mine, mine, mine, MINE!!!!!!!"

(I think Mom's got her hands full for the week....)


Araignee said...

That Pup is going to be in heaven for the week!

Anonymous said...

That dog is SO LAB!!!!! Hope your Mom has a great week --- I suspect she will even if at the end --- she is EXHAUSTED!

kathy b said...

I'v e NEVER seen someone chalk a fence! That is so fun.! The pup is adorbs and clearly wants to be chased!

elns said...

Really cute photo series. Looks like March week is already starting up some fun times!