Thursday, May 12, 2016

Going round the garden... pt 2

In the front garden, things haven'y changed much
Other than a rather disappointing lack of spring blooms so far (I blame those late dumpings of snow), the only other excitment in this garden is the Toad Lilies I ordered from Brecks. You can't see them yet, but in a few weeks, they should start popping up in that bare spot at the front of the garden.

But over in the tree garden
The various ground cover sedums I planted are filling out nicely (and check out that HUGE hen and chick). There's a great variety of colour and texture among the sedums, but I also wanted a flower or two, so since I pulled out the dianthans, I decided to stick in some ice plants
Only the orange one is blooming so far, but I also planted a yellow and a coral one.  I also picked up a Stonecrop, which will flower reddish pink. And I couldn't say know to these funky hens and chicks...
All cob-webby and creepy - they add a nice point of interest.

There are still a few holes that need to be filled, but in the next week or two, I'll pick up some portulaca to add another splash of colour, and fill in the blank spaces.


Araignee said...

I get such an education from your garden posts. I had no idea most of those plants even existed. You must have one heck of a garden center!

The Well Fed Wheel said...

I love the little kitty face poking up through the greens. :-)

kathy b said...

Oh I love the cat too. It is going to be fun to see your updates Still chilly here. ONly putting out hanging baskets that I can retrieve when the next cold snap hits. IT just isnt safe here until MAy 15th or later