Tuesday, May 24, 2016

This or that: A meme (with garden pictures in between)

I've been busy cleaning my way through vacation so far, and it doesn't make for great blogging, so here's another meme from Kathy B...
Do you love Noro or not so much? 
I like the long colour runs but that's about it. I hate the quality of the yarn and the many knots. So now if I want a long color run, I dye it myself using blanks, or I go with Crystal Palace. Their Mochi line is divine (though you still get the occasional knot)
The prettiest Lilac ever!
Are you more likely to wear a poncho or a shawl?
I love both, but I find ponchos more practical. With shawls, I'm constantly adjusting, and sliding and rearranging. A poncho is actually next on my to-knit list.
Which brings you more joy,Casting on or Casting off?
Casting off, hands down. Oh, casting on is nice, and there's always the excitement of a new project, but there's nothing like casting off and admiring you work.
Dianthan season!
Are you more likely to knit a baby a hat or booties?
Tough one - I'm not really keen on either. When knitting for babies, I prefer to knit cardigans or toys. But if I had to chose... let's go with hats!
Wee English Daisies
Does anyone in your family fall asleep in a chair or do they fall asleep in bed?
My grandpa was terrible for it. He'd fall asleep watching his hockey game, and as soon as you changed the channel, he'd wake up and yell at you because he was watching that dontchaknow!!! On the rare occasion, when we've had a very long day, Dave will fall asleep in his chair. But as soon as I notice, I boot him up to bed.
Salvia starting to bloom
 Would you rather win a hot air balloon ride or a dinner cruise? 
Hot air balloon. I went on a dinner cruise in Toronto once and it was horrible. Over-priced (I didn't pay but my poor date was out a pretty penny), crowded, terrible food, and bugs everywhere. Swarms of little black midges.
Lots of strawberries coming
Do you watch the awful news or do you avoid it?
I'm a former journalist, so it's hard for me to avoid it. Though I don't watch it. I hate video news*. I read it. Lots and lots and lots of it. I read the awful news and the good news. The boring news and the fun news. As long as it's well written, I eat it up.
I think reading about the awful things helps you understand the world a little more, and appreciate the good news a whole lot more. 
*I find video news far too short and seriously lacking in information and balance. Generally, they only have a minute or two to tell the story, so you know you're not getting anywhere remotely close to the full story.
My Columbine finally bloomed. Such a pretty colour!
Do you go to the movies or wait for them on cable?
We  watch at home. I enjoy the theatre (if not the expense) but Dave is not a fan of crowds. The last movie I saw in the theatre was Dark Shadows (I went with Aneesha), but the last time before that.... Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets... Dave and I had only been dating a few months, so I could still get him to do things he didn't really like...


Anonymous said...

LOL about your Grandfather. My Dad would do the same thing. He would lay on the floor in the most impossible position, start snoring to beat the band, but "he WAS NOT sleeping" and "was WATCHING THAT!) LOL

elns said...

Awesome post. I used to wake my husband up and then he had a fit one day saying I always yell at him to go to bed. (It's true, I'm more of a yeller than one should be) He said, maybe he wants a snooze on the couch and not be sent to bed like a child. LOL. I thought I was doing him a favor getting him off to a quality sleep. I want you to know it took him 10 years to explain this to me.

I forgot about the Mochi, but yes, I think I prefer that yarn too for the same color changing effect. Much better fiber consistency.

I'm excited you are going to knit a poncho... I'm waiting and watching :)

Araignee said...

Love the garden pix. You really are in bloom!

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Yes to Mochi, and yes to ponchos! Although I've been known to name some of my designs as wraps, because the word poncho sends me straight back to the '70s. But for staying on the shoulders, ponchos rule!