Tuesday, June 7, 2016

All a-bloom

When it comes to my gardens, June is probably my favourite month. It's when all that work from spring starts to pay off...
This is the first think I see every morning when I open the curtains. The Baby's Breath is reveling in its new location, and beside the Dianthans, it's quite the show of blooms
The Pincushion plant puts up bloom after bloom and they are pretty amazing.
 The Bachelor Buttons are starting to bloom, and in a day or two, the plant is going to look much like the Dianthans... it's just covered in buds.
The Salvia is covered in these delicate little flowers
and the Lavender is soon to follow suit.
Blue Girl was the first rose to bloom this year, but the others won't be far behind.

And while the peonies I transplanted from Dad's are doing well, they won't bloom for a few years...
 So I snipped a few of his, while I was up there on the weekend. Such an amazingly showy flower!


Araignee said...


Anonymous said...

I love how the Blue Girl rose starts out so tightly wrapped. I think roses at that stage are at their prettiest.

kathy b said...

You have many pretty blooms. I am ready for my very old day lilies to bloom. I hope they bloom for my house. I plan to cut them down