Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Bees and other beasties

So far, summer has been nothing but beautiful, and the garden is coming along nicely. Thanks in part to the bees
No honey bees yet, but we've had Bumblebees
Carpenter Bees
Black carpenter bees
And shiny green sweat bees. But it's not all bees either...
This little Nursery Web spider was hiding out in the roses.
And I didn't even see this itty bitty little arachnid on the sedum flowers until I got the photo up on the computer screen.

It's a mad, miniature world out there!


Araignee said...

I've noticed a sudden population explosion of the little beasties as well. I found a Luna moth yesterday. They are always a happy surprise.

Anonymous said...

Come to Florida. The miniature world TAKES OVER! LOL

Your photos are fabulous!

kathy b said...

Spiders! Hello Charlotte!!! They are always crawling around our friends boat when we take the covers off. I dont mind spiders at all.