Thursday, June 16, 2016

Garden Highlights

So far it's been a relatively cool season (at least compared to the last few years). We've had a few hot, smoggy humid days, but for the most part, temps have been hovering around 20 C (68 F). And while it's nice and comfortable for us, it means the gardens are a little slower to develop.

But things are still coming along nicely.
The Blackberry is blooming, and I'm going to get a good harvest from it this year. Last year was the first year, and I only got six berries. But they were huge and juicy (the variety is Loch Ness). But this year, the plant is covered in blossoms, and as long as I can beat the birds to it, that means lots of fruit.
That sentiment goes triple for the raspberries. Last year I bought three raspberry plants... this year I have about four times that, and that's AFTER thinning them out. (I really hope my neighbour likes raspberry plants, because I expect they'll be creeping up on his side of the fence next year). And every plant is covered in berry buds.  They are ever-bearing raspberries too, so that means fruit well into fall.
The strawberries.... well... I'm getting lots of berries, but they are itty bitty. Full of flavour, but so tiny. I'm going to have to do some research on how to encourage bigger fruit.
In rose land, Chicago Peace is showing off. She's a fast bloomer, going from bud to full bloom in just a couple of days.
Navy Lady is trying to bloom, but as you can see, we are having a bit of a pest problem. One thing I haven't seen this year is those nasty Japanese Beetles (I'm thinking that late frosty cold snap may have killed them off), but something is munching away on the poor girl. Chicago Peace and Queen E are showing some damage too.
The bachelor button, which was purchased for 50 cents in a clearance sale three years ago, has really come into its own this year. It's HUGE and covered in blooms. The bees REALLY love this one, but I think I'm going to have to look at breaking it up next year. It's just getting too big for that corner of the garden.
The Lavender I bought this year is blooming. It's so dainty and pretty. I really hope this version makes it through the winter.
The cat nip is in bloom too. Without Tux around, it actually has a chance to grow before being devoured. I put this one right in the garden instead of a pot.
And while the foxglove I bought last  year didn't make it, the delphiniums that were bought at the same time are thriving. Last fall  I split the pot into two clumps and both pieces are healthy with multiple bloom spikes. This one should bloom all summer, so it's a great addition to the garden. (I would still like to try more foxglove though...)
And while the boys are no longer keeping me company while I garden, someone else is showing interest.... I'm not ready to let him out on his own yet though, so that means harness and leash..... which he's totally not down with...(that attempt didn't go well for either of us).... yet....

But it also means someone else isn't getting out as much as she would like since this is what happens when you close the door behind her (and it doesn't matter which side you're on - she just won't stay out if it's closed). Life is just so complicated when you're a cat....


Araignee said...

I had the same problem with the cauliflower. The heads were perfect but itty bitty. All your flowers are just gorgeous. I lost a few to bugs recently too and have had to plant the basil twice now. Something keeps eating it.
I tried to walk Daughter's cat on a leash once. It was hilarious until she got away and went up a tree leash and all. I almost had a heart attack. She came down on her own but it could have ended badly for both of us.

Anonymous said...

Ugh bugs. They are awful.

We can't grow anything here that either the bugs or the deer don't eat. :-(

Looks like, in spite of the pests, your garden is doing pretty well.

kathy b said...

My neighbors have an abundance of raspberries in their big garden. We can never get them home. We eat them before we can get them in the bowl. mmmmmm

Glad you got some good bargains and they are blooming.

I just planted more zinnias today. I like them to bloom all august, sept and oct. Green thumbs crossed!

Rachelle said...

I've never tried to put any of our cats on a leash, most cats here are either fully indoors or free-range. Ours are the latter, they range the area during the day and night, come back when they want warmth, attention or food. I guess it's what you're used to, and of course it also depends on what predators there are around, not an issue here for that one.