Sunday, June 26, 2016

Bloom, bloom, bloom

No knitting to show still ...but there's plenty of garden distractions (which is actually why there's no knitting. I'm in the middle of an exciting project, so stay tuned.)

The pink Delphnium bloomed
 It's a very pale pink and the flowers are much more delicate than my blue one - but they are pretty. Once it fills out in a year or so I think it's going to be quite spectacular

The first orange Lily has bloomed
Over the next several weeks, they will provide a nice pop of colour at the front of the house. There's about double the blooms as we had last year, so the show should go on for a while

For the moment, the only thing in bloom in the side garden is the Speedwell
It droops a little in the heat, but those droopy pink spikes make me smile every time.

Also making me smile is this little blue guy
 ... and his several friends. These guys are popping up, all around the lilac and butterfly bush... a little gift from the birds... and all the seed they spilled over the winter.

I'm hoping my Bee Balm will bloom soon
The leaves have gone a little twisty at the top, and I'm hoping they will open to reveal buds. I think I bought red Bee Balm, but I can't remember.

I wasn't sure if I'd see flowers on the Red Black Eyed Susan this year..

But it looks like I will. The yellow replacement one I bought is budding too. So there will be flowers all the way into fall.

In the mean time...
The daisies are putting on quire the show...

What's blooming in your garden.


Araignee said...

I wonder if I'll see any blooms on the black-eyed susan I took from Daddio's yard last summer. It bloomed last year. I'll have to go check for buds. I am happy to report my zinnia's appear to be ready to bloom. I may have just enough sun on the porch for some serious flowering after all.

Anonymous said...

Your garden sure looks like it is doing well this year.

I'm hoping that the next house we buy will have room for some flowers. Less palm trees, more flowers!!!!