Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Doing that meme thang again

1. Do you prefer: frozen custard, hardpack ice cream, soft serve ice cream,Shaved ice
or this Shaved dessert that isn't just ice, its sort of milky?
Hmm that's tough. I like them all except the custard. But eating any kind of frozen dessert just isn't the same now that Tux isn't around - he liked to mooch a lot of things, but icecream (next to cheeseburgers) was a big favourite.

2. Of all the colors of the rainbow, which is your favorite? 
Definitely green. But I also love pink and red and purple, and all the shades of all of them (except coral... I am so sick of seeing coral everywhere!).

3. How do you keep your sock needles together? 
My go-to sock needle are my knit picks - and I keep them all in the little plastic organizer they came in 
4.If you could run through a knit shop and pull as much of ONE yarn as you could carry, what would it be?
Another tough one... I don't use a lot of commercial yarn any more. I guess I'd go for the Zara. I got some at a tent sale once, super cheap, and I've use up every bit of it because it was so nice to knit with and wear. In fact, I've been thinking about frogging this cardigan and reusing the yarn.
It was one of the first cardigan I made for myself, and it doesn't fit well. But the yarn is so nice, it seems a shame to leave it sitting in the closet.

5. Are you over shawls?
Nope... though admittedly, I don't wear mine as much as I'd like to in my head. Most of the time I find them too much of a pain to fiddle with when I'm wearing them. But I do enjoy knitting them, and admiring them when they are done. So I still knit them... just not as much as I use to
6. Do your peonies open with or without ants?
I always understood that peonies NEEDED ants to bloom, but upon further reading, apparently they don't. I won't get flowers on my peonies for a few years, so for now I'm enjoying my Dad's.
 7. Want to share your favorite childhood books? 
I actually read a lot of adult books as a child... I was several years ahead of my classmates in the reading dept. I can remember the librarian telling me that Nancy Drew would probably be too hard for me when I tried to check a couple out in Grade 2. In school, I remember really enjoying The Outsiders, To Kill a Mockingbird, Island of the Blue Dolphin, Go Ask Alice... and anything by Roald Dahl.

8. Is it nothing but boring to you to knit stockinette? 
I tend to get bored with nothing but stockinette (or garter). But if something has a nice lace edging, or at least some shaping, it's not too bad.

9. Are you more likely to get up early in summer or winter?
Neither. I'm not a morning person. Never have been. I'm not a huge night owl either. I'm having a life-long love affair with my bed.

10. If you are disappointed with the way a yarn pooling  is working up,
do you:
a. Carry on
b. Mix it with a complimentary color
c. overdye it
d. give it away

B, C, or D... depending on my mood.But if a yarn isn't playing nicely with the pattern, I never carry on. The yarn always knows... you have to listen to the yarn.


Araignee said...

Island of the Blue Dolphins, Julie of the Wolves, The Witch of Blackbird Pond...I loved those books. It makes me want to go print out the Newberry List and read them all over again. I always went for the books with the gold medals and was never disappointed.

Anonymous said...

You dad's peony is gorgeous. Won't that be nice once it is blooming in YOUR garden too.

kathy b said...

You do have to listen to the yarn!!! Like Deborah, I went for the books with the gold medals and usually loved them.
THanks for playing and you wear your shawls SO well

RobinH said...

LOL! I'm going to steal your quote, "I'm not a morning person...I'm not a huge night owl either. I'm having a life-long love affair with my bed."