Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Back off! Get your own sandwich....

... I mean shawl.

As I alluded to in my last post - I've have been knitting, but it has been made a little difficult by a certain someone who insists on claiming my WIPs for his own. If he'd actually complete a row or two I probably wouldn't mind so much, but he just wants to sleep on them - that's hardly what I'd call "productive." He also does this with books I want to read, papers I need and even groceries I want to unpack.

Oddly, Rocky isn't the kind of cat who steals your seat every time you get up.

That's Tux's job"Who me??"

Yeah you, Chubsy. He especially likes to do this with Dave and the computer chair.

Oh, and remember how I said I was so glad that I got Peno to sit on my lap a few weeks ago? I was so proud of her, overcoming her fears.... yeah she overcame them alright.

Now I can't sit down without her jumping into my lap!

Anyway, enough about the cats - back to knitting. I was hoping to finish up my STR silkie shawl this weekend, but as noted above, someone had prior claim. I did a little knitting on Dave's socks, but mostly I worked on a new design for our new yarn.

The new yarn is an sport weight alpaca/silk blend which we are calling "Sophisticat". Hopefully both the design and the yarn will be available by the end of the month.

Tonight's knitting has been put on hold in favour of a new book. And while I was in the book store, I stopped by the knitting section. I almost bought Vampire knits. Most of the patterns are lame, but I love this oneThe Lore Cardigan.


I guess I better get knitting!


Denise said...

Luckily nobody steals my knitting while I'm awake. I think Butterscotch would if I left in my chair. Bootsie pries my tote lids up during the night and carries her kittens around.

I like that sweater, but not too thrilled about that book. I'm not a vampire kinda gal.

Lee said...

I haven't even read the book yet but I agree that is a great sweater.

Anonymous said...

I swear it looks like Rocky is laughing at you.

Sue said...

Oh those cheeky kitties, I guess that's why my cats stay outside in the garage and are left to roam about outside during the day. Isabelle and Paul are actually allergic to cat hair so if they come inside they start sneezing but it doesnt seem to affect them outside! The pattern from Vampire Knits looks gorgeous.

TheBlackSheep said...

LOL! I could have told you what was coming with Peno. Been there, do that just about every day. :0) Tux is just looking for a pre-warmed spot. Smart cat!

Vampire Knits? Really? Who'dve thunk it?

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

I have that book on loan from the library right now. I definitely agree with you...Most of the patterns are a waste of good trees. But I've been stash diving to see if I have anything that would give me gauge or at least even remotely close gauge for that cardi...I plan on making mine with long sleeves.

Gotta love cats with attitude! :)

Minding My Own Stitches said...

My cat is glaring at my squares which are blocking on pins right now. Clearly she's plotting something, but what? One thing's for sure - they know how to get our attention!

Monika said...

So, each cat has his/her own speciality to keep you from knitting! :o)
I hate that when I like a pattern in a book, but the rest is not worth buying it!
Looking forward to see your new yarn/design!

RobinH said...

Is there seasonal variation on the alacrity with which cats seek your lap? I'm a lot more likely to fail to get my shoes on without a cat jumping on my lap and demanding petting if its really chilly in the house!