Monday, October 25, 2010

Yarn, yarn and.... more yarn!

1) Thank you all for the wonderful comments on Elphaba. In the last 24-hrs more than 150 Ravelers have downloaded the pattern! So exciting! Mom has been busy dying up more self-striping yarn so it should be coming to the shop sometime over the next few weeks. She snuck a few skeins into the shop last week and in a few hours they were gobbled up.

2) On the topic of our yarn - I'm not sure when, but keep your eyes open for another new Wandering Cat Yarn debuting over the next couple of months.Tabby Cat! - A tweedy blend of superwash and non-superwash merino. This particular skein is worsted weight (dyed up especially to make another Loch Ness Monster - Christmas is coming and I have five more to make - I better get a move on), but we will also be getting it in fingering weight. Details to follow soon.

3) That evil Monika did another shop update and I was suckered in by a gorgeous skein of alpaca silk. I couldn't resist (it's yet another skein that is a perfect match for my winter coat - so I'm thinking scarf/shawlette), so I made pouty faces at Mom until she gave me access to the Wandering Cat bank account.

I feel a serious handspun addiction coming on. I really can't say enough about Monika's yarn. When I first bought it, I wasn't sure what to expect - I'd didn't have a whole lot of experience with handspun - but they all looked so pretty. Honestly, I expected it to be - well, a little rustic - maybe a little rough and scratchy. Boy was I wrong.

The first skeins I got were BFL (which I don't have a lot of experience with either) and they were delightfully soft. Even knit to a fairly tight gauge, the yarn retained it's beautiful feel (and looks fantastic) - and it's oh so warm! In that first shop update, Mom also snagged a couple of skeins. And once I saw hers, I was immediately jealous that I didn't get any alpaca silk (like the darker skein shown on her blog) as its the kind of yarn you can't stop touching! I can't wait until mine comes (but I may still steal Mom's).

As I'm writing, there are still some gorgeous skeins available (as much as I was tempted, I didn't buy them all - I showed serious restraint and even managed to keep this one from jumping into my cart). It's Monday - you deserve to treat yourself (how's that for enabling?).


Denise said...

I love spinning BFL, I love knitting my handspun BFL just as must.

I like to knit alpaca, the spinning of it, not so much.

I will check out her shop.

Anonymous said...

So many yummy things!!!!!

Monika said...

I can't wait for Tappy Cat! The sample looks gorgeous, must be the color you choose. :o)
Thanks for your kind words about my handspun yarn! I like the feel of alpaca/silk, and the shine it has, but as Denise says, alpaca by itself is not my favorite to spin. I love BFL, better than Merino.
Good luck with your monsters! :o)
BTW-your yarn is already on its way. My son dropped it off at the post office this morning.

Lee said...

Love the color of the new yarn. Can't wait to see what other striping yarns you guys will get.