Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hunkering down

It's cold and windy and rainy - and I hope all of my friends on the east coast are safe and warm and snug.

The worst is suppose to hit Ontario tomorrow, but it was still miserable enough today to keep me from doing what I was supposed to - repairing a scuff and ding I put on my fender last week.

Instead, I headed into the studio to dye of some heavier yarn. It's almost hat and mitten season, so it's time to stock the shop.

I also cracked into some new stock....

Top Cat Aran.....yep - our fantastic Top Cat content in Aran weight - this stuff is going to be heaven to knit - you should feel it!

Oh... and I finished the sleeve on Eileen!!!! Hopefully I can get it sewn up before Wednesday!


Rachelle said...

Pretty colours, luckily I don't need any Aran weight atm.

WildflowerWool said...

Like the new yarn! It is a rainy day here too. Let's hope the storm misses us!

Knatolee said...

That's a whack of good-lookin' yarn!