Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's all over, but the zipper

Yes - Eileen is finished.
...but as the title suggests and the picture shows - she still needs her zipper. I have it, I'm just waiting for the weekend when I have a little more time and patience to put it in properly.

Better pictures will follow, but it's nice to have this one off the needles. It was a good knit, and I never got bored with it - I just have so many other projects I need to do - Christmas is creeping up!

Eileen used just six skeins of Madeline Tosh Heritage Wool in Antique Lace (the yarn is now discontinued according to Ravelry - though it just came out last year).  I was pretty lucky and got a decent set of mostly matching skeins. I still alternated skeins on the fronts and back, and the overall affect is pretty even for a hand dye.

It's not the softest yarn I've ever knit with, but the pieces did soften a bit with the soaking and blocking. The really nice part about the yarn, while it has a bit of a rustic feel (it doesn't have the smoothness of a superwash) it's not itchy at all. I was quite surprised and it was one of the reasons I made a cardigan - that way I could layer it if it was itchy.

The cats absolutely adore this one. Sewing it up was a challenge because at any given moment I had Rocky or Peno trying to snuggle in it in my lap.

So... now it's onto some Christmas socks methinks!


Anonymous said...

It is ALWAYS a good time for socks.

Your sweater is lovely and if you live anywhere in the east --- just in time. Baby, it's COLD outside.

Rachelle said...

You are so quick at knitting cardigans!

Monika said...

Hey, nice! It even looks snuggly. Looking forward to see more pictures!