Thursday, October 4, 2012

With a little bit of this, and a little bit of that and it goes like this...

Sorry for the lack of posting.... chaos rules again here at Chez WanderingCat....

But I do have a few little tid bits to keep you entertained until the next post.

1) As this weekend is Thanksgiving up here in good ol' Canada - we are having a sale in the shop. Use the code THANKS15 from tomorrow (Friday, October 5) to Monday (October 8) and save 15%!


2. I've been knitting - mostly on socks, and not on any that I should be. I've actually started a new design - a light, lacy sock in Crystal Palace Panda Silk (wool/bamboo/silk). The combo of the lace and yarn necessitated going down a couple of needles sizes (to 2 mm). That combined with a stitch pattern that wasn't cooperating has meant very slow progress... so no pics yet.

3. Rocky is going the right way for a smacked bottom!
Lately, I've been letting him go out to play with the neighbours cat (Oreo.. who suddenly thinks he's MY cat.. but that's another story). Frequently I let him go out when I get home work - I sit outside and keep an eye on them for ten minutes, then bring everyone (minus Oreo) in for dinner.

Well - the past few weeks, I've gotten home to late to do that. It's dark, and not to mention cold and sometimes rainy. Rocky doesn't think this is a valid excuse, and he's takn to expressing his displeasure in a very vocal manner. He's pretty much walking around yodelling non-stop for an hour or two after I get home.

Dave got home before me the other day and was treated to Rocky's new serenade for the first time - when I walked in the door I was greeted by the now-familiar caterwauling, and Dave's voice from the livingroom saying, "Cat... I don't like your new soundtrack... if you don't knock it off, you're gonna be eating my sock."

No surprise, the threat didn't work.

4. Be sure to check out my blog on October 23 - I'll have an interview with Canary Knits on her newest set of designs - Ghost Knits!

5. I'm supposed to be on vacation all next week - so I'll have lots to blog about soon... that's if it doesn't get cancelled. It's feast or famine in my department - and three new projects just dropped yesterday.. I'm hoping I can work through the majority of it tomorrow, so I don't have to postpone my week!


Dee said...

What .... you don't LIKE the song of the cat people???? LOL

Let me know how the Panda Silk works out for socks. I was knitting with some and felt it didn't have enough resilience. I thought maybe it would stretch out and not spring back making for some very droopy socks.

Araignee said...

I've got a cat that likes to sing at the door also. He never wants to go out but I suspect he is trying to lure someone in.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Monika said...

Hehe, that Rocky!

Nancy Kay said...

I sure enjoyed the cat story. It's amazing how well our pets can communicate their needs or ...displeasure! Ha.

I'm anxious to see a picture of the socks. I too am wondering if the yarn will allow sufficient stretch and recovery.