Saturday, October 13, 2012

To Woodstock and back

This morning I was up bright and early, and Mom and I set off to the Woodstock Fleece Festival. It was a nice little show, with all the usual suspects for vendors - much like the Frolic, just in another town, and with more fibres for spinners, and some weavers thrown in. There were also several rug hooking vendors, and I found them very, very, VERY tempting.. but I don't need another hobby.

I was a very good girl, and didn't buy anything. I still haven't used any of the yarn I bought at the Frolic last year. I almost got some buttons for the stash but the booth was pretty busy so I didn't bother. However, if I could have figured out a way to bring an angora bunny home, I would have!

I love the animals - and that little alpaca on the bottom left was the friendliest alpaca I've ever met! Not the least bit shy.

And, while I didn't buy anything, the festival did get my juices flowing. I came home and dyed 20 skeins of yarn (mostly Barn Cat and Slinky Cat)!
And now I'm pooped! So it's off to the couch to knit for the rest of the evening!


Araignee said...

Those rug hooking people are very persuasive. Twice The Mister has been convinced to bring home some very pricey supplies-that are all still in the bag.

Nancy Kay said...

The pictures of the animals are adorable. They all look so sweet.

The yarns drying on the racks are beautiful colors...yum...

Zenitude said...

I really enjoyed the Woodstock fiber festival but I came home with more for the stash.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Okay so we had exactly the same experience at Woodstock :)

If I knew more about spinning I might have a wheel, but I wouldn't begin to know what to look for. I might sign up for a class at Gemini Fibers later this year.

My friend Shirley was questioning the guy very closely about exactly how large her backyard needed to be for the alpaca. If I had a larger car she might have come home with us :)