Friday, May 17, 2013

How does your garden grow?

Today after work, I brought the boys out for a little fresh air while I watered the newly planted gardens.

I absolutely love flowers, and it's so nice to have this new space - it's like a new blank canvass. When I went to the garden centre, I discovered that they had all the pansies and violas on sale very, very cheap - I was thrilled. Pansies are one of my favourite flowers - so I stocked up. I got a few petunias and some allysum for filler - but I just went crazy with the pansies.
 I kept with purple and white to keep it from getting too crazy
 But, I just love the end result. In a month or so, this is going to fill out!
Tux just loves to be outside - he's all over the place, exploring his new territory. But it was hard getting a picture of him. Every time I crouched down, he ran over for snuggles.

Rocky is much calmer, he munches a bit of lawn, then settles down to keep an eye on things. (You can see behind him, I went so crazy with the pansies that I had to put some in the lily garden too!)

I bought some cherry tomato plants, and some beans as well, but they haven't been planted yet. I was planning on digging a small plot in the back yarn, but I won't be on my knees anytime soon, so I'll be picking up a few pots for this year.
The boys don't care how I garden - just as long as they can hang out with me outside. And it's a long weekend here in Canada... I foresee lots of fresh air for the three of us!

In honour of Victoria Day on Monday here in Canada (can you say long weekend?), we are offering your choice of discounts at Wandering Cat Yarns.

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We need to clear out so we can make room for some new stuff coming soon!


Araignee said...

Lovely flowers! I have no idea how you keep the kitties from escaping. Mine would be over the fence and gone in seconds.

gayle said...

I love pansies, too. They have such happy little smiling faces.
(Psst, did you realize you typed 'yarn' instead of 'yard'? There's a knitter's typo if there ever was one!!)

Monika said...

I hope your knee heels quickly. Lovely flower garden you have there. I love Lilies too, especially the orange ones, which grow wild in some places. But all flowers are beautiful. I planted cherry tomatoes in a pot on my deck a few years ago, and Happy went and picked the tomatoes before I could. He quite liked them. :o)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

How is your knee doing? Hope it's healing up.

Pansies are so cute. We are done pansy season here. Too hot for them now.

I just planted some ground orchids and of course, our pepper plants are in.

I think that is all the gardening for me this year.

Rachelle said...

Your kitties look so happy being outside! Mine have been outside over the last few days too, but it's been raining so they come inside and dry themselves on my legs.