Sunday, May 12, 2013

Three mothers

 There are many kinds of Moms out there, and I wish them all the best this Mother's day. Here's a post about the three kinds in my life right now.

1) My Mom

As you all know - I have the best Mom EVER!!!

Not only did she teach me to knit, but she only ever moderately rolls her eyes when I get a crazy hair-brained scheme like - "hey - lets start a yarn business!"  She's encouraged all my creative endeavours, kept pretty much every critter I've ever brought home, kept her comments about my boyfriends mostly to herself and merely shook her head at most of my fashion choices - it's hard to get better than that!

So Happy Mother's Day!

2) New Mom.

My friend Vickey gave birth to her second son a few weeks ago.

His name is Gavin, and as you can see, he's destined to become a rockstar (just look at those air guitar skills). We are having a little get together next weekend, so I knit up a little present using some Stray Cat leftovers.

The pattern is Mr. Dangly - though mine is highly modified it. I'm going to whip up a couple of pair of booties and socks too...
First up are the Elvish booties. Expect to see a pair of these for pretty much every new arrival - I think they are just too damn adorable! (There's finally a little girl due in September!!!!)

3) Cat Mom

As you know - my children are small, annoying and covered in fur. They only present I got from them this morning was a freshly hacked-up hairball. Oh joy!

I, however, was a good Cat Mom and got them a present. I've wanted to get them a tower for a while, and this one was on sale at a ridiculously good price.  Now I just need to get them a bird feeder for entertainment.

So - whatever kind of Mom you are - I raise my glass to you!


Knatolee said...

Great post and I LOVE that knit horsey, and the booties!!

My cats and dogs are INGRATES, ingrates I tell you!! No card, no chocolates, nothing! Good thing their Daddy is making ice cream right now to make up for it. ;))

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww...but they delivered that hairball with the best of intention. LOL

Your cat kids are so adorable. Happy Cat-mother's day to you and a Happy Mother's Day to your mom and Vickey.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Ahhhh, finally a baby named "Gavin". I have a little something for that baby from my Gavin .... email me your address so that I can send it along! We were just joking that NOBODY EVER names a child "Gavin" anymore.

I'm a "shrub Mom". I feel kinda maternal about the poor shrubs I've planted around the house. You'll find me outside in winter wrapping them to shelter them from the wind, or pouring buckets of warm tap water to prevent dessication.

Araignee said...

I spent Saturday at my nephew's 7th birthday party and his name is.....Gavin. I also got covered in deer ticks but that is another story.
Love the stuffie and the booties. And as for your are one lucky daughter, she is spectacular!

gayle said...

I'm sure they would have wrapped the hairball if you had let them go to the store to buy paper...

Nancy Kay said...

We all are moms if we are mothering someone or something...and I liked your post about three kinds of mom. Well done. The knitted gifts for babies.... ohhh, so cute!