Sunday, May 5, 2013

Run Baby, Run!

We've finally gotten some decent spring weather here in southern Ontario. Saturday was absolutely beautiful - and in more ways than one.

Not only was the weather sunny and warm - but I got to spend it with my bestest friend ever!
 Samantha was running a 5K in Port Credit, and she wasn't all familiar with the area and how to get around. Since that's Dave's home town and only 15 minutes from where I work, I know it like the back of my hand -  I was more than happy to chauffuer her around.(Plus she bought me lunch - win-win!)
The 5K route ran along the lake shore, so all the runners were herded onto a bus to the start line, while the spectators had to take a separate bus to the finish line.
At first it didn't dawn on me why there were so many police officers around  - until my bag got checked... three times. I guess after Boston you really can't blame them.  (And they provided a nice bit of eye candy for the spectators!)

She can't escape now - she's got to run it!
This was the view from the park at the finish line. Lake Ontario might not be the cleanest lake - but it is pretty. Dave and I took some pictures down here when we were first dating.
Sam finished with an awesome time of just a little more than 28 minutes.Sadly, even though I was standing there with camera ready, I completely missed her coming across the finish line. Then I lost her altogether (really in a crowd of about 8,000, it's not that hard) and she had to have the police call me, so we could reunite.

And while I was waiting for her to reach the finish line... can you guess what I was doing???
Yep - working on the Sweet Dreams shawl - Now that's the way to spend a 5K!!! I made some good progress too. I'm almost ready to start the edge chart.

And, it's another beautiful sunny day today. I ran a few errands this morning, but the rest of the day will be spent finishing the shawl. 
The boys have promised no distractions, as long as I leave the glass door open.


Samantha said...

Thank you so much for being my taxi service and making sure I got on the bus! :) You're awesome. xoxox

Araignee said...'s sad that what happened in Boston has changed the way we do even simple things like watch a race. I have to admit that being a part of the large crowd at MDSW this weekend made me feel a bit worried. The world had certainly gone crazy.

Love the photo of you sitting and knitting. I would much rather sit and knit than run any day.

Nancy Kay said...

Oh, what fun to spend time with a best friend and support their passion! Win-win all the way around for you gals. And the boys at the patio door!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Samantha! Great time!

Awwww...looks like kitties are enjoying the fresh air.

Knatolee said...

Yay for Samantha! Great time! I bet she loved having you guys there to cheer her on. :)

RobinH said...

Ooh,door! It haz smellz! Very interesting. (I'd rather knit than run too!)