Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday crash

Other than laundry, Monday has not been nearly as industrious as the rest of the weekend. My knee definitely needed the break, and I've been feeling a little under the weather. Either I've suddently developed some fearful allergies, or I've got another cold.

And I'm not the only one who's not quite up to snuff at Chez Wandering Cat.
 Tux is doing his best to make him feel better, but poor Rocky has has a rough week. It started on Tuesday with some erratic, but persistant sneezing.  At first I thought he might have just gotten into an irritant - the cat is so darn nosy, and we've been outside quite a bit. But soon enough, it got worse. I didn't think you could tell a cat was stuffed up, just by looking at him - but you can. The poor buy had dull, glassy eyes, and just looked miserable. Normally a pretty boisterous cat, he just wasn't himself. I never thought I'd miss his yodelling. 

He's doing a little better now. We got him some meds, and he's been enjoying little kitty saunas.... apparently cats can benefit from a vapouriser, just like humans can. Since we don't have one, we've been bringing him into the bathroom whenever we have a shower - he gets to snuggle up on the bath mat and enjoy the steam - and it seems to be helping. He's not sneezing as much, and he's got a little more spring in his step. I've even heard the odd yodel or two.

hopefully, we'll both be back to 100 percent soon - in the mean time- Tux is always free for a comforting snuggle.


Araignee said...

Awww...poor kitty. Herbie did that when he got into the wool once. My daughter's cats always get sick when she moves. The vet says it is from stress.
Hope both of you feel better!

Rachelle said...

Poor wee guy, I'm sure he'll be back to normal soon.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

A sunny window and some snuggles look like just the right medicine. I hope Rocky feels better soon :)

Sounds like you might have overdone - what with the move, the fall and all the gardening. Maybe you'd better take it easy for the next few days. My prescription is for evenings of knitting with your feet up!

Anonymous said...

Tux says, "feel better little buddy".

Hope all are feeling much better soon. Spring colds are the WORST!

lexa said...

Awww, I hope he gets better quickly! Poor baby. :(

RobinH said...

Yeah, my workplace is full of people hacking and sneezing. I'm trying to avoid them all- don't want to have our holiday weekend spoiled by getting a cold!

You and Rocky rest up and feel better!