Friday, April 18, 2014

Day 7: Laundry day

Not a whole lot of excitement today at Chez Wandering Cat. It's Good Friday, so Dave and I actually had a day off together (a very rare occurence).

We've mostly been kicking around the house, watching movies, and doing laundry with a little help from the kids.
 Dave did get a chance to witness the local wildlife that I see almost every day.
Bunbun stretching after a wee rest under the bird feeder.
We put some carrots out for him, which he quite enjoyed
And Mr. Squirrel got his daily ration of peanuts
Even Mr. Robin stopped by and gobbled up a nice juicy worm
Now that's a good Friday.


Anonymous said...

Looks a little bit like SPRING!!!!

Rachelle said...

Love your wildlife collection!

Nancy Kay said...

Yes, that is a good Friday... enjoying the joy of good-natured animals!


kathy b said...

Happy spring Easter