Thursday, April 24, 2014


Since I was up at Mom's yesterday, I took the opporunity to get some finished shots of Daenerys. I'd originally planned to do modeled shots of it, but the weather is still too cool here for the dress I want to wear it with.

I'm very pleased with how this one turned out. The colourway (Drogon) knit up just how I imagine, the red and black blending nicely.
I used a slightly smaller needle on this one than the orginal. The orginal was knit in Top Cat on a 4.5mm. This one is knit in Twisted Slinky, and it just doesn't have the same poof that that Top Cat does - I think it looks much better at a smaller guage, so I went down to a 4mm needle.
Naturally, I blocked the crap out of it, so it's a nice big one - about 68 inches wide.
And, I beaded the crap out of it too. I just love the weight beads give to a lace shawl.
Not to mention, the sparkle!

There's still time to join our Game of Thrones KAL .... come on over and join in the fun!


Chrisknits said...

Ooh!! Lovely. Very elegant and dark.

Anonymous said...

I love it wrapped around the front. SO pretty!

Prudence said...

This shawl is spectacular! Wow! Such beauty and skill!


Araignee said...'s gorgeous!

Rachelle said...

I too love beads on a lace shawl, it slows you down, but the end result is definitely worth it! Your shawl looks lovely and the colours blended really well.

kathy b said...

Stunning. Great finish Great shawl

Nancy Kay said...

How do you get to the finish so quickly??? Oh my goodness, this shawl is gorgeous!! Love the lace and the beads. I know you'll enjoy wearing it.

Delusional Knitter said...

Wow, it looks amazing in that color with those beads!

Alisha said...

Amazing!!! You are like the knitting master :)