Saturday, April 26, 2014

Knitting lesson

My friend Aneesha has been asking me to help her advance her knitting for quite some time. She could already knit and purl, but wanted to move beyond a basic scarf. With friends popping out babies left and right, we decided baby hats were the perfect next step for this novice knitter.

Unfortunately, living more than 100 km apart, finding time to get together has been a challenge. But last night we decided a sleepover was in order - it would give her plenty of time to start and finish a hat while we were together so I could help her with any bumps in the road.

Of course, we got into the wine a little too early, so there was no actual knitting last night (but it was fun!). And when we finally got out of bed this morning we were refresh (and sober) enough to cast on.
She's a natural - and by the time she had to leave - she was only a handful of rows from finishing her hat.
I got mine finished, so she was able to see a first-hand demonstration of how to finish it. I sent her off with a few supplies to keep her busy.

Now she wants me to dig her up an easy bootie pattern....

Yes knitters, we've claimed another one!


Anonymous said...

He he he (evil laughing). Another one into the fold! ;-)

Glad you had such an enjoyable time. Wine and knitting usually DON'T go together, but it looks like you made it work.

lexa said...

Cute hat! Always fun to expand a novice knitter's portfolio, lol. :)

kathy b said...

She is a natural beauty too!!

Nancy Kay said...

It's so nice of you to bring another knitter into the fold!

elns said...

I love that you had a knitting sleepover! I'm glad you got us another one, gooby gah!