Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Squares for Wellwood

While I haven't posted about it here, many of our customers and Ravelry friends already know  that at the beginning of the year, Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. The prognosis is good, she has surgery and is now in the middle of preventative chemo - so every other Wednesday right now is chemo day.

Dad works night, so I've offered my services to be chauffeur on those days. I'm more than glad to help out, and unlike Dad, I'm much better at waiting... I'm a knitter.

The first time I went with Mom, I naturally brought a long my travel sock. But when I got there, I discovered several baskets with yarn and needles in them. Wellwood, a local cancer support organization put them there, with the request that any knitters waiting make 6 inch garter squares, which are then sewn together by volunteers, and given to cancer patients at the centre.

So, I tucked away my socks and made a square. This time around, I packed my own 4.5mm needle (the ones on offer in the baskets are plastic straights....) and set to work as soon as we got in.
While waiting, I managed to finish it up, and even get a few rows done on my sock too. (Which is naturally in my purse, just in case.)
This is the second of my new lace sock design, and it's been neglected for a few weeks -it's good to be working on it again.

After the chemo session, Mom and I head out for something nice and greasy - it's one of the few days she can still enjoy it before all the drug settle in and mess up her system.
Hamburger, onion rings, fries.... last session it was Fish and Chips! Delicious!


Rhonda said...

Crap, look at all that grease. Don't let your father see it.

Rachelle said...

I'm glad the prognosis is good! Hope the chemo finishes soon and all is well from then on Rhonda.
That sock is looking sweet Valerie. I'm still knitting man socks atm; I think I need something lacey once Dh's latest pair are finished.

Anonymous said...

A little mother/daughter time over some "trashy" food is NEVER a bad thing. LOL

Sending good wishes your Mom's way.

You'll have to find another reason for a "grease-food fest" after chemo is finished.

lexa said...

I hope you have pickles on those burgers! Nuttin' wrong with a good feed of onion rings. :)

Nancy Kay said...

What a loving way to spend "waiting" time.

kathy b said...

God BLess your Mom. She's beat it!

Good that someone other than me believes in a good hamburger cure

Chrisknits said...

Prayers for her continued treatment and a successful outcome!