Sunday, December 31, 2017

Knit year in review

This year saw me complete 35 projects, which is about on par with my yearly average. There weren't a lot of big projects this year - just two cardigans and a tunic - but I'm okay with that. There were a couple knitting slumps, and of course, I lost some knitting time to my new quilting hobby.

My obsession with lace continued with many holey projects (fully half of my projects had some form of lace work)  - my favourite being the Crimson Blossom shawl.
I continued to hone my colourwork skills (six of the 35 were colourwork) and definitely the one that shines was the Tree Delivery cowl.
There was also lots of designing, with several patterns released, as well as several in the works - including the On the GO designs. I've got 12 planned and managed to complete five of them (number 6 is on the needles now). It's hard to chose a favourite, but Hamilton (my home stop) looks so great with my  tartan heels.
I also took some time to enter the fair, walking away with many, many ribbons. My favourite of that lot was definitely the Old Shale baby cardigan. I'm seriously considering upsizing this one so I can have one too!
And of course, there was some silliness - with giraffe hoods and Loch Ness Monsters... and a wokny Beaker!

Before I wrote this post, I went back to the start of the year, and re-read my knitting goal for 2017. I completely flubbed on it (I couldn't even finish the Empire Line cardigan in time!), but honestly, looking back at all I did accomplish... I can't feel bad.

So here's to keeping 2018 in stitches! See you next year!


Araignee said...

That Beaker's face made me laugh! He's so cute.

Delighted Hands said...

Nice point of view to look back on the year from a knitter's perspective!
Here's to 2018 indeed!

kathy b said...

Very nice review Val! Your knitting is always gorgeous. You are a great knitter anddesigner. I love your gray socks too!!!!
Here's to the NEw Year!

Anonymous said...

Great projects all!!!

Happy New Year to you and Dave and of course, THE KITTIES!

Rachelle said...

Well done! I got 10 done, plus two weaving projects and a bit of sewing and spinning, so probably a similar amount overall. I've still got 4 projects OTN and a couple got frogged as well.

Mereknits said...

Wonderful projects and those shoes, swoon! Happy New Year.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

So many fabulous hand knits!

I think the colourway I just finished was called "Mahogany". Not sure if that rings a bell?

Happy New Year to you, Dave, your Mom and Dad, and all the fur-babies!

gayle said...

You finished way more than I did! And everything you made was gorgeous!
Happy New Year!

chrisknits said...

Definitely not a year to beat yourself up over. You accomplished some gorgeous finishes.

RobinH said...

Definitely many great projects this year! Though my fave may be the Shale cardigan- that would be great in an adult size!