Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday Felines

I've mentioned before that I love to travel. But I'm also a homebody, and of course, it's hard for me to be away from my furbabies for long.

In fact, as soon as we got to the hotel I was missing them.

I knew they were in good hands with Mom, but though I've left them for several days before, this is the first time that both Dave and I would be gone for more than one night. I was a little worried how they'd fare - especially Rupert and Peno, who wouldn't be thrilled with an interloper (Mom) coming into the house for an hour or two each day. I was also worried about Burton, who when I leave the house for an hour or more, scolds me like crazy when I get back in. And poor Relic wouldn't be able to go outside for four whole days.

Burton seemed to handle it best of  four. He loved all over Mom and made her play fetch when she stopped in. She threatened several times to take him home with her as payment for cat-sitting.
When we got home, naturally he was the first out to greet us. I got yelled at, sniffed all over, and the he dogged my steps for the rest of the night. He even sat outside the bathroom door and yelled at Dave until he finished his shower. Now he's settled down a little, but he's still keeping pretty close to me.

Relic just wanted OUT!!!! I let him out as soon as we got in and he disappeared for an hour or so, no doubt making sure all hist territory marks were still in place. He came in, ate and went out for another hour. Yesterday, he wanted out as soon as we got up, and pretty much stayed out there all day, coming in only to nibble and leave again.

Rupert was very weirded out when we came in. While he did come out for Mom, and even let her give him a pet once, he was definitely freaked by the rolling suitcases, and weird smells we brought home.
He disappeared as we unpacked, but once we were settled for the night, he came back out and was up to his usual night time antics.

Mom said she never saw Peno and I'm not surprised. That's just how Peno rolls. She was hiding in the end table when we got home, but it was probably the sound of our suitcases that sent her there.
Like Rupert, once we were settled, she claimed her rightful spot, snuggled beside Dave on the couch. She's spent most of her time since then napping in her usual places so she's pretty much back to normal.

None of them seem worse for wear, though it's still hard for me to leave them for too long! It's probably harder on me than them!

And to thank Mom for stopping in everyday to take care of them, I picked her up a little something from Mexico.
 I'm kinda kicking myself for not getting one for me too... it's darn cute!


Anonymous said...

That is the perfect "thank you" gift from you and the kitties!

Araignee said...

Oh, that bowl!!!!

Delighted Hands said...

I think all of us who have to leave our kitties for a few days can all attest to the same kind of homecomings!!! I think that bowl is fantastic-just a perfect thank you gift! Yes, you needed one, too!

Vera said...

What a cute gift for your Mom! I'm sure it was harder on you than the cats. Glad you are back and they can all resume their normal activities!!

Tired Teacher said...

What a nice gift for your Mom.

The Well Fed Wheel said...

They all have such cute personalities. Cats are the best entertainment!

kathy b said...

I wonder about our kitties too when we are away. THEY really do notice and they seem to be upset. I dont like thinking about it. Your cat gift for you mom is pretty!

chrisknits said...

How adorable! You should have gotten one for yourself. Burton looks like he was a little put out in that photo.