Saturday, March 10, 2018

Sowing the seeds of love

I thought I was a little late with my Winter Sow jugs this year, but looking back, I put last year's together about the same time so I shouldn't have any problems.
They are now outside, on top of the BBQ stand where they can enjoy the full day's sun. As you can see, I did just three jugs this year - partly because I don't have a lot of room let in the garden, but mostly because that's as many jugs as I could gather this time around (our milk comes in bags or cartons, so clear/translucent jugs are hard to come by - these ones are from apple cider, and a jug of epsom salts)

Last year, I only planted half of each package of seeds, so this year, I'm using up the other half. One jug has Lupins. Last year, I got two good, strong viable plants, though only one bloomed.
It's a beautiful purple, but the seeds are mixed, so I'm hoping for another colour as well.

In anotherjug, I tossed the remainder of the Buttterfly Mix. It's a mix of a whole range of flowers, though last year all I got was pink Catchfly.
It was very pretty, but I'm hoping the remainder of the packet contains a little more variety.

And last isn't from a packet at all, but stolen from a garden. When Dave and I went to the cottage last fall, the Columbine in the garden had all gone to seed, so I grab a ziploc baggy and snipped off all the seed heads I could. Columbine is one of my favourites, and it grows so well here. I have several varieties
This pretty little red dwarf version is one of the first to bloom and is quite prolific
This one in the side garden has just a touch of blush
And this showy one is a new addition in the new front garden.

As we're never at the cottage in late spring when the Columbine bloom, I have no idea what colour these new seeds will be! I guess we'll have to wait and see - I love garden surprises, don't you?


Araignee said...

My poor pansy flats are still sitting outside unplanted. It's been too windy and cold to even think about putting them in the ground. Maybe today.

Delighted Hands said...

Here's to a good return on your seeds!!! The columbine is always a fav of mine!

chrisknits said...

Another beautiful garden is in your future!

Tired Teacher said...

The flowers in my yard are all in containers. I miss digging in the dirt, but it just got to be too much.

The Well Fed Wheel said...

Well that's exciting. Can't wait to see your beautiful garden again this year!

Vera said...

Lovely! Columbine are so pretty and like Sweet William you can get different colors each year (they carry the traits for all colors)!

Eastside Cats said...

You've reminded me to place my order for native Michigan plants from a local gardeners club; even though I will order, the chances of me remembering what everything is are slim!