Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Starburst square dance

On the weekend I decided to tackle piecing the Starburst top. As complicated as the pattern looks, it's actually not that difficult to construct. It's really just the same placement of 16 HSTs, repeated four times, with each quadrant turned a different way.

I always get in trouble once it's time to start piecing all my blocks together, so I thought sewing one quadrant at a time would be ideal to keep me on track.
I still managed to sew a couple blocks wrong, but in the end, it took me just over an hour to get this quadrant together.

This quilt does have a deadline, but it's not for many months, so I have time to take my time on it.
So I focused on getting my intersections line up just so! This is a big thing for me... usually my intersections are a mess!

And a question for you quilters out there:

Do you press your seams to one side, or open them. When I was taught to quilt, it was ALWAYS press them open. But when I got back into it, I noticed that Jenny of MSQ presses hers to the side. I like doing that because it's much quicker... but I find on something like this, with a lot of triangles coming together, it can make the intersections super bulky.
I'm playing it safe with this one, taking my time, and opening them up. But do you have a preference? And why? Or do you make a decision based on the quilt design?

Anyway, only three more quadrants to go, and this top will be well on its way to completion. I considered doing a second one right away...
But someone else had other ideas. So I packed it all away for another day, and settled into a good game of fetch.


Anonymous said...

You know what they say! Kitties come first.

Well, it's the KITTIES that say that, but I think they are right.

P.S. The quilt block looks great!

Vera said...

Ah, a game of fetch is always fun. Pretty quilt. I can't help with the seams as I don't quilt.

Araignee said...

Good question. I have no idea but I would also like to know so I'll have to check back here for answers.

Delighted Hands said...

Sweet Burton! Oh, definitely press the seams to one side so you can lock the seams together for better alignment! Very nice work!

Tired Teacher said...

About pressing, I'll say that "it depends." As long as the seams are good and FLAT, you won't have problems. I use Best Press (a quality quilt starch) to make sure my blocks and seams are flat. I usually press toward the dark fabric unless there are several seams coming together (such as in your photo) and then I press the seams open. Longarmers do not like a mass of fabric piled up because it can cause problems with tension, can break needles, and can create a bump on the top of the quilt. When I'm assembling the quilt top in horizontal rows, I always press the long seams open and give them a spritz of starch. Flat seams are the key to accuracy when quilting.

Judy S. said...

I agree with Nancy. Like her I was taught to press to the dark fabric although I think, too, you need to do what works best for a flat seam. Love that quilt pattern as well as your fabrics!

kathy b said...

Aw Fezzik USED to play fetch. I tossed and turned from about 0500 today. So after we helped at the barn today, I scooped up my Fezzik and he went under the covers and napped with me. I think he slept more than I did. Haha. He is so so good to nap with. He snuggles in under the covers, purrs and goes to sleep. Cats.......I love them so

chrisknits said...

The quilt decides for me. Open when I have to, side at every opportunity.