Friday, October 3, 2014

End of the week bits and bobs

Just a little random Friday post

1) The boot cuffs I flashed the other day are done - a nice quick knit! But you'll have to wait a few days for the big reveal

2) The hat is giving me a few issues, so it may be a while before you see any movement on it. I shal prevail though - never fear!

3) In the mean time, I've started on my Christmas knitting
A pair of Pip Squeak socks. The yarn is Barking Dogs Opposites Attract that Mom bought me a long time ago, so the socks will be fraternal. Just perfect for the recipient.

3) In yarn news, I got some rather exciting mail the other day. I'd done some more design work for Lisa of White Birch Fiber Arts and she paid me in yarn. I'd picked out "Mistakes were Made"
to make a pair of man socks for Dave. But, the sweetheart that she is, threw in an extra skein - "Diamondback"
It would make good Dave socks too - but I think I might just keep it for myself!

5) When Mom and I were out shopping last weekend, I came across some buttons that I just couldn't resist.
I love the way the wood grain gives some of them stripes. Now - I've got to go take another look at my cardigan patterns....


Anonymous said...

Why, oh WHY is that yarn called "Mistakes Were Made"? It's perfect!

Love the kitty buttons!

PS --- I was literally LOL with Tux's picture on Facebook today ---- Helllllo, ladies. I have the perfect girl for him. She's a GINGER!

Rachelle said...

That Barking Dog sock looks great so far, look forward to seeing them both together.
I agree with being paid in yarn, I think my husband likes it too, cos sometimes that yarn ends up on his feet :).
I'm actually thinking next time I make plain socks I might put some buttons like those on them; after all they're not ideal for fastening on knits, but so cute!

Sue said...

The buttons are adorable. Cant wait to see the boot cuffs too. What gorgeous yarn to knit socks out of.

lexa said...

Omg, I love those buttons!! I only have one thing picked out to knit for Christmas, one pair of socks for step FIL. Dad's birthday is Dec 30, I might knit him a pair for his birthday. It's a good thing I didn't plan on knitting much for Christmas. I have two people who want slippers, just finished a hat for someone, another friend wants three pairs of socks, and another wants a Space Invaders hat for her grandson. Plus my own knitting!! Never enough time, wish I didn't have to work, lol. :)

Delusional Knitter said...

OMG those buttons are awesome!!!

kathy b said...

Great picks and GREAT names!!!!!
I have to look up the sweater designer. wowza