Friday, October 24, 2014

Old knits are the best knits

The Spidey hat is going slower than I expected, but that's okay - I haven't messed it up yet!
I'm almost to the decrease section, so the end is in sight.  The pattern continues the red through the upper web section, but I decided to keep the webs all in blue. I'm quite pleased with how it looks.

Since I don't have much current knitting to show, I've got an oldie. Years ago when I first started knitting, I knit a chunky chenille poncho. Despite the fact that it turned out way too big, I still love it. It's comfy and warm and I pull it out every autumn and frequently wear it instead of a coat. Today was no exception. And when I got home from work, I tossed it on the couch so I could sort out my bags and get the cats fed. When I came back out, I discovered Rocky on it, doing the paw dance with a blissed out look on his face
And really - who can blame him? It really is that comfy. But then I moved in for a closer look and realized....
He was also sitting on my keys.... what a cat!

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Araignee said...

Funny kitty! I used to have a poncho that I loved to literal death back in the day. I never thought to knit one....must go look at patterns now.