Sunday, October 26, 2014

FO: We Call Him Spidey

The Spider Boy Hat is done
I stayed up late Friday night to finish and I'm very glad to have another Christmas present off the needles. I'm also glad I have a head the size of most children
I never have to worry if it will fit or not! 

I made a few mods to this one. First up was the weight. The pattern is for a fingering weight, but I used DK (Fat Cat for the win! Love our yarn!). I cast on 96 stitches and did three repeats of the chart. Because of that, the hat is a little long
But not enough that it really matters. It still looks okay.

Another mod is the brim. I just did one inch of simple 2-2 ribbing (the pattern calls for a folded hem). The last mod is the colour sequence. As written, only the bottom webs are in blue. The rest of the hat is red. But I quite like the balance look of all the webs in blue and the spiders in red.

Fairilse is still not my favourite type of knitting, but I do like the results, and all in all, it was a fairly enjoyable knit. Even more enjoyable because now that it's done, there are only three gifts left to knit! One hat, and two pairs of socks! I am on a roll!


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Nancy Kay said...

It's a REALLY CUTE hat. It's going to be a favorite. I like the pattern and colors, as well as the modifications you made. Looks great!

kathy b said...

Hey It really came out amazing ! Great job