Saturday, October 25, 2014

Getting ready for spring

Today I tackled a few jobs that I really should have done while on vacation (but I just couldn't motivate myself)

But with November fast approaching, time was really running out. Yup - it's spring bulb planting time. I was in Canadian Tire the other day, getting a new pair of pruners (how I've managed to lose so many pairs, I'll never know) and I walked by the bulb display.
I have a load of tulips bulbs that Dad gave me from his gardens... but how could I resist? Mom used to have these when I was a teenager, but they didn't survive the move to Smithville.  They've always been my favourite tulip.

And then there was this...
I'd never heard of it before, but tt's also known as Spring Snowflake! So pretty.

I mixed the Queen of the Night tulips in with the bulbs Dad gave me...
...and planted them throughout the Lily and Tree gardens out front. It's hard to say what colours are in the ones Dad gave me, but it could be yellow, white, red, and pink and combinations thereof. They were a bunch he dug up when moving his gardens around.

The Spring Snowflake I planted all around the base of the tree. Now, lets hope I can keep the squirrels appeased with the black walnuts this winter and they leave my bulbs alone. If so, it's going to be a riot of colour with the Daffodils and Turkistan Tulips that made it through this spring.

While out there, I cleared out the dead plants and leaves from this summer.
The black clover has taken on a lovely red hue with the changing season.
The violas are still blooming away. Both of these will come back next year. Next year, I'll focus on getting some more fall plants - I've got spring and summer pretty well covered now.

With the front taken care of, I turned my attention to the back yard.
After much research, I've discovered that garlic is supposed to be a good repellant for Japenese beetles. I was already planning to plant some in the vegetable garden, but after reading that decided to plant some aroudn the roses too.
And would you believe the roses are still trying to bloom??? It's October! At least it seems I've picked good ones to weather the winter!

With the garlic planted, it was time to tackle a job I'd been putting off for far too long
Yup - that's the Gooseberry and Josta Berry chopped right back. The plan is to pull them out completely, but I think I'll wait until spring to do that (plus I think I'm going to need some man-muscle for that particular job).

The sparrows and Bun Bun aren't going to be happy about it. But I'll make it up to them next year when I replant. I'm thinking a Lilac and a Butterfly bush, and maybe a Raspberry Cane or two but we'll see what I can get when the time rolls around. Do you have a favourite flowering bush?


kathy b said...

Okay, so can you answer me this? My sister loved the adelwise? in the Alps when she went there this year. She is a big time gardener. Can they grow in Minnesota?
I love your plans. I planted garlic last fall and it was delish this spring. That's how you are supposed to plant it : in the fall.
To scare the vampires

Rachelle said...

We've been busy in the garden here too, but weeding and planting vege plants. I might have to get some bulbs in autumn though, need more freesia's after Dh killed mine with hazelnut shells. I rather like tulips too so they might get added.

Araignee said...

I've been walking past the bulb displays with a heavy heart. I would love to have a spring riot of color but I am always so broke this time of year that I can't justify spending the money.
I love forsythias and hydrangeas. Mine didn't bloom this because of the terrible winter so they are probably not hardy enough for your far northern climate.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I like Dogwood, Snowball Viburnum and Weigela for shrubs. I find Butterfly bush very messy with ugly leaves. I have Lilacs but I find they need rigorous pruning to keep nicely shaped, and they're very prone to leaf curl. As for Raspberries, they can get out of hand very quickly, and they are nasty things to try to prune back. Not to mention the yield is never enough for my liking:)

Love the tulips!

Nancy Kay said...

Oh, it all looks so good!