Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The great knit-cation: Day 4

The great knit-cation is living up to it's name. Today was another quiet one, just a little house work and a lot of knitting. Thanksgiving blew in some warm, wet weather, so we opened the doors and windows to enjoy it while it lasts. It's mostly been rain today, but Miss Peno has thoroughly enjoyed the few sunbeams that have passed through...
I took the couch opposite her and worked on the handspun Cranberry bonnet. As a result, it's almost done (and will probably be complete before bed.)
It did take a brief break to make a trip to the aquarium store. My tank was sorely in need of new plants, and some new algae-eating denizens. But the store is on a major route that is under heavy construction. Trying to get there on the weekend or on my way home from work is a nightmare. I thought early afternoon might be a bit lighter and I was right.

And as a result, my tank is looking  homey again
 In a few weeks it should be nice and lush! And since our annivesary is coming up, I got Dave a little surprise
Because nothing says "I love you" like a giant mollusk!


Araignee said...

The bonnet is lovely. Those colors are amazing.
I wish you could see my fish tank. It's a plant aquarium. I'm not sure if any fish are in it anymore but there's a lot of green stuff. Tomorrow is clean out day here too. I inherited the thing from Number One Son and I curse him each time I man the hose and buckets.

Anonymous said...

Peno looks SO comfortable.

Loving those hat colors more and more.

elns said...

That bonnet looks absolutely beautiful as does Ms. Peno enjoying the sunshine and softness. I hope you are having a wonderful knit-cation!

kathy b said...

Little torti cat....I love her!
Love your beret too