Monday, October 20, 2014

Spider season

I did indeed give some love to Hitofude yesterday and managed to put one more repeat on her. As nice as it is to knit with the yarn, it's very slow going so she's weekend only knitting for now.

In the mad dash to get back to work this morning, I forgot to grab Miss P's socks, so no love for them!

And when I came home, it was time to make dinner, love the cats and all that fun stuff, so there hasn't been a chance to knit a stitch today! However, as soon as I hit post, I'll be heading to my needles. I considered picking up Old Town and beginning the process of  picking up all the stitches for the arms an body, but my head just isn't in the right space for that.

Instead, I'm capitalizing on the great feeling of getting my Christmas stuff done early. With the Cranberry Bonnet out of the way, the next on the dock is a toque for a rather young man. His Mom said his favourite colours are red and blue and I know he's an avid Superhero fan... did your spidey senses starting tingling too?

I found this hat on Ravelry. I already had some Fat Cat dyed up in red and black (left over from Nora's Ladybug jacket. It was nothing to dye up a skein of superhero blue
The hat on Ravelry is knit in fingering, but with a little bit of math, I should be about to work it out for the DK.

So I better go get these skeins caked up, before the evening slips away all together!


Araignee said...

Love the hat. It's going to look spiderific in those colors!

Anonymous said...

That hat is going to be SO COOL!

kathy b said...

ahhh Spiderman!! yes yes. I agree with araignee an ddee..SUPER cool