Sunday, October 12, 2014

The great knit-cation: Day 2

I didn't think it was possible, but today was even lazier than yesterday. Oh, I managed to get some laundry done, but it's really one of the more passive household chores - it's mostly just waiting. And while I was waiting - I knit!
I' got a few more repeats done on Hitofude, so I'm about halfway through the sleeve/back portion. But if I'm honest, this knit is a bit tedious. What you can't see is that this section is about 250 stitches wide. While it's nice easy lace, I think it might be a bit too easy, and I'm a little bored with it.

But I just keep reminding myself how pretty it will be when it's done, and how nice it will be to wear, and stitch after stitch it's  slowly growing.

And the occasional break helps me keep my sanity too...
I took some time to finally hang my wreath. I wanted to put it higher, but that was the only place I could get a nail in.
But it works, I think.

I've also spend some time tending my indoor gardens. For those interested, my orchid is doing beautifully.
It just keeps blooming and blooming and blooming. I haven't managed to drown it
And Rocky hasn't managed to eat it. In fact, he hasn't even given it a second glance. Which made me hopeful enough to get a couple more plants
A small Lemon Fern and an Elephant Ear plant. I've had them for a couple weeks and so far so good. There may be hope for my indoor garden yet!

Now to do a few more rows on Hitofude, then stop to make a pumpkin pie for turkey day tomorrow! And don't forget - you can still save 20% in the shop with the code TURKEY20.

Oh - and since Jack Lament was so popular, I dyed some more... and made a Sally's Song and Oogie Boogie Man too.
 They are in the shop now!


Lynn said...

Your orchids are lovely! Glad the felines leave them alone. Tux sure looked cozy on the couch!!!! And I think you do need to do more knitting. It's VACATION!!!!

Araignee said...

The wreath is perfect. I can't believe the kitties haven't discovered the snack value of orchids. They really are beautiful as are the new yarn colors.

Rachelle said...

Hitofude is looking good, I'd be considering myself lucky it's not all stocking stitch though, that's enough to put me to sleep!
Love the orchid; haven't ever grown one though, I suspect the children or the cats would kill it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

The new yarn colors are gorgeous! You have a great talent for color selection.

As for the wreath, could you use some of those 3M hooks. They just stick on and then safely pull off when you don't want them anymore.