Monday, December 14, 2015

FO: Worsted socks

They took a little longer than planned (things have been craaaaaaaazy here) but Dad's birthday socks are done!
They are worsted weight - so big and thick and perfect for the cold, freezing winter that doesn't seem to want to come this year... (oh well, we'lll get snow eventually)

No real pattern, just cast on 48 stitches and used basic sock math to make. The yarn is Drops Big Fabel, the only worsted I've been able to find with nylon in it. Not the softest, though it does get nicer with washing. If these are anything like the pair I made him last year, they will get lots of wear and lots of washing.


kathy b said...

Hooray for biggy wools!!! The socks will be warm and wonderful. Great finish

Araignee said...

So comfy! It's been 70 here but I'm still wearing my wool socks everyday. It doesn't feel right without them.

elns said...

I remember when I would've been rolling my eyes at your for words like "basic sock math", but I actually am beginning to get this whole sock knitting stats thing. ha!

I love this yarn and if they are half as cozy as they look, you've got a big WIN! Really pretty colorway.