Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Felines

Since we brought Rupert home, Peno has shown zero interest in going outside. The main reason is, she knows until Rupert is less flighty (and I can get him in the harness) we have to keep the screen door closed, which she absolutely hates.

But the other day, I was puttering around in the yard and she came to the door. Ru-Ru was no where around, so I slid open the screen for her to come out...
She likes to take her sweet time about it and sure enough, a minute or two later, someone else figured out something was up.
Now, I'm not ready to let him run unrestrained (and he won't let me anywhere near him with harness in hand), but as soon as I moved to the door, he ran back in and Peno hopped down the step. I closed the screen behind her. It took her about two minutes to realize what I'd done and as soon as she had....
 "WHY???? Why do you shut this? Do you know what can happen to me in the five seconds it will take you to reach this door??? Don't you love me at all??? Why do you do this to me???"

And it didn't take long for someone else to notice her plight...
"Rupert.... can you open this? Mom is being mean again. She doesn't love me. If the blonde guy were here, he'd open it the minute I complained. She just stands there and tells me 'You're alright, you're safe.' I'M NOT BLOODY SAFE!!! ANYONE OF THOSE BIRDS COULD SWOOP DOWN AND MURDER ME!!!"
"It shouldn't be that hard Rupert. It's that handle up there. Maybe if you jump.....hurry up.... that Robin over on the fence is looking really shifty....."
"Please Rupert.... hurry. NO! Licking the screen is not going to help! What are you doing???"
 "That's it... maybe is you get one of your claws caught... then move to the right...."
"Ruuuuuuuuupert.... come on - this isn't a game. Look at that Robin.... he's EVIL!!!!"
"Sigh.... she just had to bring home a 'special' cat didn't she....?"


Araignee said...

So funny! We have to keep our screen locked at all times because the outside kitties will slide it open to let the inside kitties out or worse-the parrot. I can't tell you how many times I've locked The Mister out because of it.

kathy b said...

I see 3 outdoor cats by our new yard. IF cats dont get along, as they say, why do they seem tohunt together?
I saw a glorious red fox in the yard, dashing through it yesterday. I hope he doesnt catch those cats.
I love to see a cat out in the yard, but my own cats are none too happy about it.
Indoors it is for mine......I wish I had a fenced garden for them..
For now I"ll be happy I have regular hummingbirds to watch. THey love hearing and watching them too

The Well Fed Wheel said...

To cute!! My Lilly Bean likes to look out but doesn't like to go out.

Chrisknits b said...

Adorable! My older pup rings the bell to go out, the younger pup comes running, I let them out, the older pup turns around and comes right back in, successfully ditching his baby brother.

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Ha! Sometimes it's not the kitties that want to go in; sometimes it's us. DH just spent some time out in the yard with me (I'm knitting and charting out here) because Biscuit/BellaTrix (still so up in the air on her name!) was at the door and we don't trust her not to bolt out it if we open it. He was trapped outside with me! I'm sure the cat is laughing at us.

Samantha said...

Lay the harness on the couch and leave it there for a few days. He'll get used to looking at it. Then when he's asleep, carefully just lay it on him. Do that a few times and he'll get used to the weight of it. He runs from it because he doesn't understand it. He'll catch on.