Sunday, September 18, 2016

Local Lynx

Friday night, not long before bedtime, the temperature dropped and I went to close the back door. Naturally Rupert was there and making quite a scene, but that's not unusual - he loves to talk to the moths.

But it wasn't a moth he was talking to this time.
This beauty was in the garden, having a good roll in the cat nip. She came right over when I called her, but was still pretty nervous. I wasn't allowed to pet her, though she was happy to rub up against my legs.

I brought her out a dish of food, and though she sniffed it, she didn't eat it. She did have a few cat treats, but she was far more interested in the nip patch. After about half an hour she went on her way. While she was beautiful, I didn't think much more about her. It's not unusual for neighbourhood cats to wander through.

But the next morning, I went out to pick some raspberries for breakfast, when all of a sudden I turned around and there she was again...
 This time she gobbled down some wet food, and about half of the dry food I'd brought out the night before.
In the light of day, I could see she was in immaculate shape, with a beautiful long coat that had obviously seen regular grooming from a brush.  I started to worry she was someone's house cat who got out. While she ate, I checked all the local lost pet listings. No one had reported her missing. And as much as I wanted to, I couldn't bring her in the house.
She was still too nervous, and there was no way Rupert was going to let it happen. I decided I'd keep food out for her, and come Monday, if she's still around, I'll get her in a carrier and to the vet for a micro-chip scan.
She didn't come back for dinner, and we haven't see her today. Hopefully she was just pulling an all nighter and is back home curled up in a nice comfy bed like the princess she is.


Araignee said...

That is one gorgeous cat!

PlumCat Art said...

What a beauty!!! She looks like someone''s special baby girl

Delighted Hands said...

What a beauty! I hope she is back home where she belongs! It is too hard to wonder where your furbaby is when they disappear! Sweet of you to be a good waystation!

Bridget said...

She is a beauty!