Saturday, January 21, 2017

Ah, nuts!

I'm starting to think the second Nutkin sock is cursed. This is what it currently looks like:
"But Valerie," you say, "That doesn't look any different than the last time you showed it to us a week and a half ago."

That right... because while I remembered to put the missing DPN in my knitting bag last Wednesday, I decided to leave the WHOLE bag on my desk at work. I got to the train station that night, opened up my purse and discovered I had no knitting back. GRumbling, I played Candy Crush the whole way home and resigned myself to having to wait until Monday to work on it.

But then Monday I didn't go into the office. In fact,  I didn't go in until yesterday (and were not going to talk about the minor panic attack I had when I finally got there and couldn't see where it was hiding on he back corner of my desk) . I intended to at least get the ribbing done on the train last night, but when I'd pulled it out of the bag, it was all tangled up. I'd already had a trying day, and just was not up to untangling fine yarn on a bumpy train while trying not to lose stitches. Maybe I'll work on it this weekend to make up for some of the lost commuting time.

In good news... I finished Agatha WAAAAAAAAAAYYY ahead of schedule. She's on the blocking board (and should be dry by now). I'm going to raid the button stash this weekend and see if I have something suitable. If I do, you should see an FO post sometime this week.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a rough week on the knitting front. Hope the weekend finds you a LOT of knitting time to make up for it.

Cat Lover said...

Sounds very frustrating! Hope you get caught up to where you want to be.
Have a good weekend.

Delighted Hands said...

It will be a loved project again soon now that Agatha is on the blocking board!

The Well Fed Wheel said...

Not to worry.....this is perfectly normal behaveior.....happens to me all the time. ;-)

Araignee said...

Your knitting, my car. After totaling The Mister's car last month, my Mini broke down on my way home from the march in DC tonight. No brakes. we only have the truck and The Mister is not letting me near it. I'm cursed.

Rachelle said...

I suspect Nutkin was simply suggesting you should concentrate on the sleeve and now it'll behave.