Thursday, January 19, 2017

Now to add a splash of colour...

Like most people, I'm not really a fan of this time of year. It's not so much the cold, I've got plenty of warm woolies to keep my warm. And cold weather is a really good reason for me to stay inside and knit.

No... it's the lack of colour and light. The landscape is dull, the days are grey, and the nights are long.

So imagine my delight when I woke up yesterday morning and Hibiscus tree was in bloom.
Especially considering I was sure I'd lost it last spring. I bring it inside for the winter, and it got a horrible infestation of white fly. I tried insecticidal soap, but it wasn't even making a dent. Finally, in an act of desperation - I put it outside. It was late March. While the days were warm, the nights were still cold and frosty. Within a matter of days, it lost all its leaves (which at least meant there was no food left for the white flies).

I left it outside with only a faint hope it would come back. As the weather warmed up, it started to bud. As summer waned, it was full leafed out, but not nearly as big as it had been. It didn't bloom, and when I brought it back in for the winter (after an preventative spray of insecticidal soap), I figured I'd have to wait until summer again to see blooms
They don't last long - just a day or two - but they are big and beautiful. This particular tree is actually three separate trees, braided together, with Red, Yellow and Peach flowers.

Of course, flowers in January get me extra excited for garden season. A few weeks back, KathyB shared her experimentation with Winter Sowing. It's ideal for me, because we don't have a lot of room indoors, and it means I can start earlier. I'm currently collecting supplies, so while I'm waiting to sow, I've been perusing my flower catalogues.

If only I had infinite money and a larger yard... I can't go crazy this year, we're almost at capacity, but there a a few things I REALLY want to get.

Sea Holly
 It's suppose to be an absolute butterfly magnet. And it's just cool looking. I actually planted some last year, but the bulb rotted before it could grow. I'd really like to try again.

Pink Lily-of-the-Valley
Because whynot?

Ostrich Plume Astibile
I'm not a huge fan of Astibile as a rule, but I love the droopiness and peachy hue of the Ostrich Plume!

Of course, once gardening season comes along, I'll lose my wits and BUY ALL THE FLOWERS!!!!

Is there anything you really want to plant this year?


Anonymous said...

The hibiscus is a beautiful shade of red! Congrats on saving it!

There won't be much planting going on around here this year. I have a couple of plants out on the balcony and that will have to do.

The Well Fed Wheel said...

That Sea Holly. The color is amazing! And who doesn't want to draw butterflies!?

Araignee said...

I was just looking at all my empty pots and feeling very discouraged. Nothing really grew last year. The heat and humidity did everything in even my herbs. I might try begonias again. They were the only things that survived the whole season.

Cat Lover said...

Your hibiscus is gorgeous. Now you've got me thinking about this years gardens. We are in a new house this year so it will be exciting to plan out the gardens. A neighbour gave me some perennials so I am looking forward to seeing them in bloom! I may have to add the few you mentioned. Love the pink lily of the valley.

RobinH said...

I'm expecting to keep moving lily of the valley into the side garden this year, as it's doing well there- it loves the shade. That pink lily of the valley looks lovely!

Vera said...

I want more say in our veggie raised beds...we'll see. I love that Sea Holly -- have never heard of that or seen it...will need to investigate.

Gorgeous hibiscus. Enjoy the color!!

kathy b said...

Oh I love that you want to winter SOW. I have planted my lupine and holly hock and am suspiciously staring out at the milk jugs! I love your hibiscus bloom! My cats get into the plants, so I dont keep them inside. we are hoping there are some perennials in our
new woods and landscape. Sea Holly looks just amazing.

Delighted Hands said...

This time of year I plant ornamental kale and pansies!
I never tried the winter sowing when I was up north because we had too much snow!