Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday, monday...

It was a busy weekend and none of it involved crafting, so I have nothing to show (except a really clean house, but that's boring!)
So it's KathyB to the rescue with her Monday questions!

#1. Do you use a mannequin, prop or person for modeling your knits?
I prefer to use people, but when that’s not possible, I have Roxie… but I’ve been known to use whatever is around … fence post, tree branches, shrubs, etc.

#2. Do you know anyone who has gone through the ice?
Not seriously. Our favourite tobogganing spot had a creek at the bottom, so we got wet frequently… but falling in a lake or pond no. Personally – the thought terrifies me. I see people ice fishing, snowmobiling, cross country skiing on the ice… and I think they are nuts.  Only once have I cross a frozen lake (hiking when I was a kid) and I hated every minute of it.

#3. Do you wear reading glasses, bifocals, contacts?
I have glasses for distance – but since I’m not in school reading chalkboard, I don’t wear them much. I don’t legally need them to drive, though I have trouble reading street signs. Of course, if I pass my turn, I just loop around and come back.
Since I don't wear them much, there aren't many pics of me in them. That's probably the most recent one and it was taken in 2013. With short hair and glasses, I look almost exactly like my Mom.

#4 Have you tried a new skill yet in 2017?
Not that I can think of.

#5. Name a favorite President of the USA.
I’m Canadian, so I can’t say I pay too much attention to your presidents. As a student of history though… I love one particular First Lady… Eleanor Roosevelt! What a woman.

#6. When was the last time you were lost? (parking lots count)
It depends on your definition of “lost”. I don’t consider myself lost if I don’t have to ask for help. If I eventually find my way to where I wanted to be without outside intervention… it’s just an “adventure.”
So.. by that definition… the last time was about six or seven years ago in Toronto when I was trying to find the Frolic. I had to stop and buy a map.

#7. What yarn type is most prevalent in your stash?
Fiber or weight? If it’s the first – merino, closely followed by silk. If it’s the second… definitely fingering – for socks, shawls and cardigans!
#8. Since we are in an ice storm, name something you like over ice.
Scotch.  My favorite way to drink it.

#9. What time did you fall asleep last night?
Probably around 1 am. I spent some quality time snuggling with Rupert on the couch.
#10. Share a winter memory of your Mother…
Naturally mine revolves around knitting. As a kid, we had piles of hats and mitts, handknit by Mom, of course. And when you were out playing in the snow, and your mitts got soaked through… you could always come in, strip them off, place them on the bricks by the woodstove, grab another warm, dry pair from the “hat/mitt basket” and go back out in the snow. I don’t think snowmen, snowball fights, and snow forts would have been as fun without her.


Samantha said...

#2 -- you do, but probably don't realise it. Randy B. went through the ice once and Michael had to reach in and under to pull him out again. That was probably around 1997. I may or may not have told you at the time, which is why you said you don't know anyone ... or you forgot ... or you figure it is someone you don't ever see any more so it doesn't count. LOL

Cat Lover said...

Interesting questions along with interesting answers! Being trapped under ice is a deathly fear of mine too.

kathy b said...

What a great story of your mom and her well loved and used hats and mittens!!! I love your glasses

Anonymous said...

I love that photo of you. You look good in short, dark hair too. I love the glasses.

Araignee said...

ER was an amazing First Lady. I am so disappointed that we won't be getting our first First Guy-for so many reasons.

Delighted Hands said...

I enjoyed reading over your comments to the Q and A.
Eleanor Roosevelt is a very complicated and admirable woman.

Faela Star said...

I got lost last year looking for the frolic - and I live in Toronto. At least I know where it is for this year!