Monday, September 28, 2009

Little things...

I recently wrote an article on easy ways to cheer yourself up for one of our magazines - one of the suggestions was to, essentially, count your blessings... instead of focusing on the bad things that happened, write down all the good things, no matter how small.

Last week was a pretty crappy week workwise, so I decided today was a good time to take my own advice:

Good thing one: Lazy mornings
Since neither Dave nor I had to rush into work this morning, we slept in - I spent a good portion of the morning snuggled up to his warmth, listening to his snoring (which is really more like an adorable purr) and the sound of the rain. I can't think of a much better way to start a Monday.

Good thing two: Laundry surprises
Like any couple, Dave and I have our issues - some big, some small. But there are tonnes of little things I love about him. One of the things I love is folding laundry and finding his underpants mixed in with mine - yep, it's silly and school-girlish, but I love it.

Good thing three: Weekend knit-a-thon
While I did have to work Saturday, Dave spent most of the weekend at his cottage - and when he did come here on Sunday, he was so hung over worn out, we spent the whole day relaxing and watching movies. Which meant I had Friday and Saturday night and all day Sunday to finish Travelling Woman Shawl
This was a great knit. If you're looking for a last minute gift and have a weekend to devote - this is it! I added an extra repeat of chart A, so mine is 52 inches wide.

And the yarn..... I know if any of you could feel this yarn, it'd be flying out of the shop. Please take my word for it, this is the most scrumptious yarn you will ever find!!!!!! The fabric it creates is light and lofty... so silky... I seriously want to make a nightie or undies out of this... it's THAT nice.

Good thing four: Lap Cats
Peno sat in my lap for the first time this weekend. For those who don't know, Peno came from a rescue. She was live trapped as a feral kitten, and spent three years in the rescue. No one wanted her because she was so timid. The first three weeks she spent with me were spent under the bed. She only came out when I wasn't home (I know she came out because the food was eaten and there were never any messes out side the box)

She still hides when company comes, but over the past three years, she's become quite a noisy, pushy little pest... a far cry from the scared little thing she was. But, she has never been fond of being picked up (she will let me though, as long as she knows I'll put her down when she asks) and she's never been a lap cat... until Sunday morning when she climbed in my lap, did a silly little cat dance and laid down purring. It didn't last more than 10 minutes... but it's progress!

Good thing five: Free time
The dishes are done, the house is clean (or as clean as it's gonna get today) and I have the rest of the evening to knit!

What are your little good things?


lexa said...

Oh, what good progress for Peno! Love that shawl, what a gorgeous color. I dunno about my good things. Maybe that I think Pa may have fixed my leak cuz it rained last night and this morning, and the roof didn't seem to leak. :)

Rhonda said...

Wish I had more time to knit. Too busy loading up the shop!!!!
I still haven't seen that cat. just a streak to me. *Phantom-Cat*
P.S.: Nice shawl. I'll have to dye some of that in my colours.

Not ready for handspun said...

The shawl is beautiful. Might have to knit that pattern!

My cat spent the first several weeks hiding under a table. And I'll never forget Gavin climbing up and down the stairs with her on all fours, teaching her how the stairs work. Last night she spent most of the night lying on my back. Sweet.

Jeanne said...

Sounds like a very good list of good things! I do the same thing when I get overly stressed or down - and it really does help!

Love the shawl - and stop tempting me with the yarn! :-)

TheBlackSheep said...

Peno's story sounds very, very familiar. I've got one of her sort as well and I'm here to warn you, once they get the lap thing licked, you're up a certain creek without a certain paddle. Sydney would live in my lap if I would let her and the more attention she gets, the worse it gets. The first ten min. is a thrill, the next 15 years are cat hair in all of your knitting ;P (um, for the record, I still won't be giving her up anytime soon. It's too cute when she gets fed up with me not wanting her in my lap and goes and curls up with the dog.)

Go you for taking her on! She is beautiful!

Samantha said...

That is very good advise. :)

Lee said...

I am glad for the bond you and Peno are creating. Reeses my Ginger/Siamese was a lot like that at first and he wasn't a rescue cat, but my husband found him in a noisy feed store for sale and brought him home. He is still nervous around strangers and he will come out and he will let our family pet him but Greg and I are the only ones he will cozy up to. Now Slinkie our Himalayan is a total lap cat and doesn't care who it is as long as they hold still long enough. The only thing he holds a grudge against is Otto the new German Wire Hair puppy.

Knitting Linguist said...

Oh, those are good things! I do miss my old lap cat; she would sit on my lap for hours, if I let her. My big boy cat now will hop on for a few minutes at a time, purr wildly and hope off, and my second cat is very much the way you describe Peno -- extremely skittish (though she sleeps on my legs). I'm still dying to knit one of those scarves :)

Stephanie said...

Good thing: Great dinners recently. I always enjoy a good meal and the past ones have been great.

Good thing: I had Monday off so I got to knit some things for my Etsy shop and catch up on some TV.

That's great about your kitty! Sounds like you've really gained her trust. :)

Haley said...

what a lovely list of good things. thanks for sharing! some of my personal good things: listening to my two boys laugh at each other, morning snuggles with my dog, having my husband get home early from work--even if it's only five minutes, getting to knit in the middle of the day when the boys take a good nap.